The Doctor.

screen-shot-02-27-17-at-07-20-pm I saw the doctor ( not my family doc, but the internal medicine specialist, who I see twice a YR, every 6 months) and he wasn’t concerned about my blood test results  saying I had mild kidney damage, in fact, he said he doesn’t believe it, and even went as far as to say he thinks the test is wrong, and maybe it was a false result due to the medications I’m taking, but I’m not really so sure as kidney trouble would also explain my bad fluid retention ( which he gave me a new prescription for a diuretic again) and the frequent dull, dragging, nagging pain on my right side in my lower back area as well as my constant lethargy…..oh,well….I suppose if it is though, or whatever it is, it will declare itself eventually….and so I wait….

We also are having a thunderstorm but then it’s dropping down to -11 with a wind-chill of – 20 C so I guess winter isn’t done yet,and today is Ash Wednesday and the start to Lent,too, as well as a day of fasting and no meat or treats and we have Mass, and my dress came as well and the 15 YR old says it’s “ugly” and “looks like the curtains” and “old lady style” and she calls me a “fashion reject” (she thinks she’s the Queen of fashion and the Fashion Police) but I don’t follow fashion trends, I make my own unique fashion and style and I always have. I’ve never been one to go along with the crowd or be a follower,and why are they always so mean to my clothes, anyway? In any case, it’s my dress and I like it( and I didn’t buy it for them) and that’s all that matters.


This is also a cool photo that the 17 YR old took of Niagara Falls, it even has a rainbow! I think she should enter it in a photo contest! I sometimes wonder as well if I have to “turn” gay or something in order to eventually find love because I’m too ugly no guys are ever attracted to me or want me maybe I’d have better luck with girls, although I’m probably too ugly even for the lesbians,too! I’m already partly there since I already look like a dyke with my masculine features, but the idea of eating pussy does not appeal to me in the least,and, in fact, grosses me out and I gag just thinking about it, and besides, I really like the hot guys(and I like dick), so I guess that’s not such a good idea,afterall…..if only there was some way for me to become better-looking and for guys to be interested in me…..ugly girls need love,too.

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