A New Creation.

screen-shot-02-28-17-at-08-24-am Now it’s Lent, the priest was saying not only do we fast in giving up food in order to get closer to God, to do penance, and to become more spiritual, but we should “fast” from other things,too, but not only give up things but also improve ourselves as well, to become the people God created us to be, a new creation. Each of us is called this Lenten season to look inwardly upon ourselves and see what we can improve upon to become better people, not only a vice, bad habit, crutch, addiction, obsession, pleasure,time consumer, etc. to give up, but also find ways that we can be kinder, more loving, more giving, more caring, more empathetic, more compassionate, more prayerful, more forgiving, more patient, more sympathetic,more generous,more kind, more understanding, more helpful, and also less selfish, less angry, less demanding, less impatient, less “prickly”, less intolerant, less judgemental, less critical,less competitive, less prideful, less sinful, just more good and more of what God  wants us to be, and less, less of what we often tend to be,and what the world encourages us to be.

We have to sit back and allow God to “mold” us, like a sculptor sculpting a statue, a work of art, a thing of great beauty, a masterpiece., but we also have to co-operate with Him in allowing this new creation to be made. We have to be pliable, malleable,flexible, and soft, like clay, able to be molded and shaped, into what He has designed us to be, a better version of ourselves, what He knows we can be. What better time than Lent to make a conscious effort to improve ourselves, esp. spiritually( enrich our prayer lives, go to Mass, use the Sacraments, spend more time with God, be thankful for your blessing, rejoice in the little things) but also with our flawed human personalities. Fasting doesn’t have to always necessarily have to be with food. We can also “fast” from anything,and use it to better ourselves and turn ourselves into the creation God intended us to be.