screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-24-pm I wore my new dress to church,and I got it from this new cool place I discovered that sells funky clothes in the style I love. It’s called Buykud and they’re in Singapore. The clothes are made from cotton linen and are very comfortable and are in the loose, baggy style that I like. They are also perfect for fat hippos such as myself as it hides all the lumps and bumps.I prefer clothing in cotton, gauze, linen, and long and flowing, loose, baggy, harem pants, long skirts, dresses, etc.

screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-26-pm My mother always makes fun of my clothes though, such as the baggy ones, the shirts hanging out, or the ripped jeans, saying “they look like rags” and I “look like I’m poor” and I “spend alot of $$$ on clothes that look so cheap”. Anyway, I am poor now. I also like it with my nails done too as it gives the illusion of my fingers looking longer and thinner and now they don’t look as short and stubby and not as much like fat swollen sausages anymore.

screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-22-pm I really love this skirt! If only I had the $$$$ I’d buy so many clothes off this site! This isn’t a sponsored post, BTW, I just like it so much and it has my style of clothes. I also found these false eyelashes in my old make up yesterday so I put them on for church but they looked ridiculous ,and whenever I even try to make an attempt to be glamourous I just end up looking stupid, so I just took them off…..and proceeded to tear off all my eyelashes on one eyelid as I peeled them off as they were stuck on the glue. Just great.Just my luck. I had short barely-there eyelashes before to begin with… I don’t have any on my left eye.


screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-24-pm-001screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-29-pm Here are more styles I like, and when I was 17 I had overalls similar to the ones seen here when I was in L.A. only it also had a bunch of pockets and zippers on the legs,too. I really loved those overalls. I think I might still have them,too, but of course I’ll never fit into them ever again.


screen-shot-03-05-17-at-09-34-am-001I also took this adorable photo of Buddy as he was burrowed under his blankets all snuggled warm with just his cute little face poking out from underneath, and I saw my fave. priest yesterday and told him about the 13 YR old’s eating disorder and confided in him, asked him to pray for her and for us( it’s a crisis for the entire family) and I’m not handling it well and I’ll give all I have to help her but I’m afraid I have nothing left to give as I’ve used up all my resources and have nothing left anymore. I have to dig down deep inside myself but there’s nothing left of me anymore to give; I’m just an empty, hollow shell now of what I used to be and I’m running on empty.