St. Therese’s Roses.

Screen Shot 03-08-17 at 06.40 PM St. Therese is my fave. Saint. She promised that she would send roses from Heaven and is well-known for answering petitions of prayer by sending you the sign of a rose. It’s sort of like asking a friend of yours to intercede for you to the boss,to put in a good word for you, maybe to get a promotion or a raise, or to have someone you know recommend you to his boss for a job opening, like a referral, passing on an intention, or favour. In this case, she intercedes to God for you, on your behalf, and then when your prayer is granted she sends you a sign of reassurance of roses. She has never failed me. Her roses really send me comfort and peace and do alot to ease my worry, anxiety,and uncertainty as I know in the end everything’s going to come out ok.I have faith, but I still need reassurance,too.

I can’t even begin to count the many times I’ve asked her to intercede for me and to ask God to grant us health, safety, protection, a good medical test result, good news, healing, recovery from disease,something to go in our favour, even a miracle, and she has always come thru,and she has always sent me the sign of roses, reassuring me that, like Bob Marley says, every little thing gonna be all right,and she’s never let me down and never been wrong.

I have had my sign of roses show up in many various and different ways; I have received actual roses myself, or I see them on the altar at church, or I see them on TV, on a site I go to online, on some ad somewhere, in a prayer request I come across, on a rosary that’s arrived in the mail, on a photo, in a movie or on a TV show, on the cover of a novel,etc. This time, with our latest crisis I prayed my typical petition and within an  hour I saw roses on 4 different websites ,incl. 2 on the same site, and one of them was even this picture here, of St. Therese herself holding roses and a Crucifix, and on a daily basis ever since then I’ve still been receiving the sign of roses every day, as an ongoing reassurance, so I have the comfort in my heart that we’ll get thru this crisis,too, with God’s help, just like we have with all the others.