F*ck You, Winter!

Screen Shot 03-12-17 at 09.20 AM So much for an early spring, or for spring next week for that matter…..we’re getting another snowstorm and it’s lasting 2-3 days,and it’s a big one,too, we’re expected to get up to 25 cm of snow! All the snow had melted and it had been mild,and then it got really cold again so we decided to drive up to Kingston last night ahead of time and stay overnight in a motel to beat the blizzard to make sure we’d be there on time this morning ok for my EEG which I waited 4 months to get! We were lucky on the drive up; it hadn’t started to snow yet, it began during the night and then it was really bad! I think everyone in the entire city must have stayed home because there were hardly any cars on the road or even on the highway, and the usual 1 HR drive took almost 2 HRS and we saw 6 cars in the ditch!

I feel jet-lagged though as I didn’t sleep well and only got 2-3 HRS of sleep all night. I can’t sleep without my music and I couldn’t figure out how to work the radio and my hubby left me alone while he left to go play cards and he didn’t come back until 23:00 and then he was able to finally fix the radio so I had some music. He left the laptop but the wifi didn’t work for me,either( big surprise) yet when he returned it worked fine for him (I’m convinced he somehow disabled it so I wasn’t able to access his shit while he was gone) and I couldn’t sleep without my incense either, and I missed not having Buddy snuggled next to me,too, and my hubby kept snoring and I kept having these awful hot-flashes where I was just so hot and sweaty it felt like it was the middle of summer!Ugh!

Screen Shot 03-13-17 at 11.18 AM I wore my Converse high-tops as well as I didn’t want to look stupid wearing boots when there was no snow…but then today I still ended up looking stupid wearing shoes when there was snow(plus my feet were freezing,too!) so I’ll never do that again,  and we stayed at a Howard Johnson’s motel which I never have before (I normally stay at hotels when I travel or go on cruises and just been at motels a few times like when we moved in-between houses, and after the fire as they had the ensuites with kitchen units we needed as we waited for our house to be rebuilt) and I didn’t know what to expect and was afraid I’d find bedbugs, cockroaches, or stains on the sheets or something, but it was ok. Mother Nature tried to sabotage my app’t but I refuse to let her; I’ve fought more formidable enemies than her and won; she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with! We just worked around it and went up the night before.So, HA!

I’d also had my weed a few HRS before(as I didn’t know we were leaving, my hubby just comes up and tells me last minute) and we stopped off at Harvey’s to eat on the way and it was quite complicated trying to figure out how to order all my items and toppings on my cheeseburger with my muddled, foggy mind and I couldn’t figure out how the plug in the tub worked,either, and I was convinced when my hubby left me in the room alone that he’d hired someone to come and murder me, that it was the perfect plan; we go away overnight, in a motel,and he slips away for a few HRS and while I’m there alone an intruder comes in and kills me.Hearing we were staying at a motel the 13 YR old also goes, “Ewww!” and I told her, “It’s not like that! We just don’t want to be driving in the blizzard!” Someone has a dirty mind!

So now you know why this blog post is later than usual. I had to wait until I got back to do it. Even if the wifi had worked I can’t use the dumb laptop anyway; there’s no mouse and it has this touch-pad thing and you have to move it by moving your fingers only it doesn’t go in the direction you want and it keeps going round and round all over the place, in all different directions,and all these pages kept popping up out of nowhere, and I just can’t ever direct it to where I want it to go…..it’s just so frustrating, and besides, I’d have no way to access the photos I have on file on my desktop computer at home or any way to copy them using the laptop so I wouldn’t have any photos..Life is hard when you’re stupid.

F*ck winter!

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