The Food Thief.

Screen Shot 03-17-17 at 09.16 AM I solved the mystery of who stole my food! I searched for evidence, starting in the 22 YR old’s room as he was the most likely suspect since he’s well-known for always taking everyone’s food but I never found anything, and something told me to check the 13 YR old’s room… I did…and guess what I found? In her garbage bag in her room I found evidence! remnants of my missing food! BUSTED! At first I wondered if maybe the 22 YR old still ate it and just dumped the evidence there to deflect it away from himself, or so that she’d get blamed but the more I thought about it, the potatoes were left and he would have eaten them but she doesn’t like them and has always left them behind in the past,pointing to her guilt. She denied it of course, saying she doesn’t know how it got in there, that someone else must have put it there…and the kids and my hubby even accused me of being high on my weed and doing it and not remembering…except I would have eaten the potatoes and I don’t even eat upstairs, and I wouldn’t throw the fork away with it,and I’d throw it in the garbage in the kitchen! I just wish people would stop taking my shit.

So I apologized to the 22 YR old for falsely accusing him, as I’m always being accused of things I didn’t do and I know how it feels, but in my defence I just wanted to find out who took my food and he does have a history of it so suspicion naturally fell on him as the most likely culprit, and I never would have suspected her with her eating disorder, being that she starves herself,  so does she not want us to know that she’s eating so she’s sneaking it, or is she perhaps bingeing and purging? I should have followed my own advice that I know time and time again to be generally true: it’s usually the one you least expect.

As well, my hubby needed a Tylenol and he asked where I’d hidden them from the kids and I couldn’t remember and said, “I don’t know! That’s a good question! I forgot! I guess it really was a good hiding spot because even I don’t remember!” and he goes, “Lay off the weed!” ….except I hadn’t even  had weed for a few days(and I was offended at the insinuation!); it’s just my failing mind and my bad memory, I’m just getting old and it’s like I have Alzheimer’s or something, and the 13 and 15 YR old were wailing on me too when I’d comment on them playing video games, such as when I’d get overly-excited and shout out, “Look out! Get him, get him! Shoot him!” and when I said, “What, I’m not allowed to even speak now?” they said, “no, now shut up!” well, excuuuuse me for showing interest in something they’re doing and trying to get involved!  My family sucks! really have to get away from these people; they are destroying me, and I realized as well if I didn’t have Buddy no one would care whether I live or die, and dogs were made so that even the ugliest of us would still be loved by someone.