This Is Me.

IScreen Shot 03-21-17 at 06.44 PM I did  it! I shaved my head again back to my old buzz-cut style that I miss and I’m glad I did it,too. I love my buzz-cut! I find it very liberating with no hair,and it’s also funky, different, off-beat, and my own signature style. I don’t care if anyone else likes it or not; I did it for me,and (so far,anyway) no one in my family has said anything (if they don’t like it they’re oddly keeping their comments to themselves) but I’m prepared if they do to politely respond with a curt, then it’s a good thing I didn’t do it for you! This style embodies best my style and my free-spirit style, it best reflects my personality, my vibe, my mojo, my individuality, my essence, my being-ness, my rebellious streak, my Up Yours! at society’s idea of what feminine beauty has to be… is my statement.

This is me.


Screen Shot 03-21-17 at 09.03 AM I don’t care if other people think it’s masculine, shocking, minimalist, “butch”, androgenous, gross, ugly, manly, trans, dyke, skinhead, radical, extreme, weird, unfeminine, unflattering, etc….(Patti said that she likes me better with hair,too, and I told her, I’m still me either way.) Love me as I am or keep walking. This is the real  me, the raw me, the natural me. I will not hide or apologize for who I am .

This is me.

Screen Shot 03-20-17 at 07.29 PM 002Also: THINGS NOT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE HIGH ON WEED:

  • try to unwrap a Starburst
  •  Make a taco
  •  Order anything online
  •  Try to Printscreen anything

As well, I heard this god-awful noise coming from my mother’s room when she was sleeping but it wasn’t her usual snoring, it was quite indescribable and fear and panic shot thru me as I honest-to-God thought it might have been the death-rattle and that she was dying right there in the room next to me so I went over to check and she could sense me standing there looking at her and she woke up and goes, whaaat??? and the 17 YR old ordered this really pretty gown to go to her BFF’s graduation as well and it’s custom made to her measurements and the dressmaker’s making it just for her! My hubby complained at the price but it was actually a really good price (he just has no idea what those kind of things cost!) and she has $$$$$; she has a job,and besides, she’s young, let her enjoy herself!