I Want….

Screen Shot 03-24-17 at 06.25 PM I WANT:

To be thin again.

To be pretty.

My youth.

To be loved.

To be happy.

World peace. (I know this sounds cliche but I actually really do)

Is that really too much to ask? I don’t think so.At least the world peace thing seems the most do-able…

As well, Buddy did a really big, gross, soft, putrid diarrhrea in my room during the night but it was in front of the door at least, as closest as he could possibly get to outside, and he had to keep doing it all day,too, and he’d tell me when he had to go out,too by looking at me and whining and then he’d take off and run to the door. When you have diarrhrea you can’t help it, it just comes, and when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. My hubby, the 22 YR old, 15 YR old,and 13 YR old are also away in Kingston all weekend: for the 22 YR old’s jiu-jitsu competition and for the 15 YR old’s cheerleading competition,and the 13 YR old just went along for the adventure…..so guess who has to walk to church tomorrow in the freezing rain?

My mother decided to order-in food today for the 10 YR old’s birthday (since he’s her favourite and she over-indulges him) even though we never did for anyone’s else’s birthday(can she possibly be  any glaringly more obvious?),and the kids even made him cards, too, when no one else got any, and I was so high on my weed the other day it sounded like the 17 YR old was talking backwards and I saw the characters on my computer as Cyrillic Russian letters,too, and I can’t figure out either why everyone’s always mean to, hates, and likes to insult the band Nickelback. Personally I like them and even if it’s not considered “cool”  I don’t care: I admit it: I like them. If other people don’t, then that’s their loss but I still don’t see why they single them out for such unusual ridicule.I just don’t get it….