Pizza And Todd.

Screen Shot 03-25-17 at 02.44 PM For the 10 YR old’s birthday I tried to win him a pizza. You have to understand that this kid loves pizza. He eats, sleeps, and breathes pizza.He loves pizza like how I love chocolate.If you are what you eat he’d be a bacon and pepperoni pizza. They have this daily contest on my radio station where if you submit your birthday request they announce it on-air and put your name in a draw each day to win a free pizza and so I entered his but the odds all depend on how many other people also have birthdays on that same day…..and there were 12 others so he didn’t win, but I tried. I also had it announced on my mother’s radio station where she listens,too, where they play the “gay” music( such as Bruno Mars, Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, etc) as well as on my rock station. He and I also nick-name the Toads in the Mario video game Todd for a joke, just to be funny, and I also joke that a retarded toad is retoaded and being a retoad. Yeah, we have all kinds of weird little things like that.

As well, my mother(actually she had me do it because it’s online and she doesn’t know how to use the computer) ordered-in KFC for his birthday dinner( even though no one else gets to order-in on their birthday) and it had been over 6 HRS since I last ate(it felt like I was fasting!) and I was just starving ( and when I finally did eat my stomach was ever-so-grateful and said, thankyou,thankyou,thankyou!)  and I just don’t know how the 13 YR old can force herself to not eat, to voluntarily starve herself, I mean, eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and the kids have this thing,too, they say once you reach 10 YRS old you’re “no longer a ‘dog'” and are a “main character” ( my hubby said to me, “You’ve never been a main character!” to which I replied, “In this family I don’t want to be!” which reminds me of something my friend T said: that he’s going to “get rid of everything in his life that doesn’t bring him joy” and in my case there goes my family!) and they give everyone a Main Character Test that they have to complete and pass,too, but I have to approve and make sure it’s not too mean or dangerous.(You wouldn’t believe some of the things they come up with!!)

It’s also a nice break for me with my hubby and 3 of the kids away all weekend and I can even sleep better too knowing the 13 YR old is safe, being in a motel, confined to a small space with others she has no opportunity to hurt herself, and I get a break too as over-seeing her, monitoring her,and taking over her feeding and hygeine it’s like looking after a baby all over again; I even have to brush her hair for her, and with some of them not home I get small freedoms in other ways as well, such as not having to log-out of my blog, being able to leave my computer unlocked,and being able to leave my Bob Marley blanket on the couch, plus, it’s alot more quiet,too! Yippee!! Small pleasures….small blessings…