Oh, My GOD!!!

Screen Shot 05-01-17 at 09.12 AM 001

A glorious sight to behold! The most beautiful thing I have ever seen! A masterpiece! The biggest Cadbury chocolate bar ever! I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven! 850 g of pure JOY! The 13 YR old goes, It’s just chocolate!!…… just chocolate? Are you kidding? Now, the 17 YR old understands…I think I just left my body…..this is simply amazing……I could eat the whole thing!

The Gallery.

Screen Shot 04-30-17 at 06.46 PM There’s this funky little art gallery in Kingston which is actually in a house converted into a store on the way to the hospital we pass by every week and they have some of the art displayed outside the store and I always see this big beautiful oil painting of sunflowers, similar to the one shown here, and I’m just drawn to it and it calls to me, and I wish I could buy it as it reminds me of that recurring dream I have of me running barefoot and wearing a long flowing white gauze robe running thru a field of sunflowers with the impression that I’m in Heaven and the feeling is just so beautiful, and I love sunflowers and seeing that painting ( on canvas, without a frame) reminds me of that dream and of Heaven and the way it makes me feel and I always want to stop by and check it out…

It keeps playing on my mind, sort of like an itch that I just can’t scratch,it keeps tugging at me and nagging at my soul, so I finally asked my hubby if we could stop off at the gallery this week on the way to the clinic so I can at least find out what it costs, how expensive it is, or if it’s possible that I might be able to buy it if it’s reasonably priced, because it has such meaning for me and some things just stand out, like you’re “meant” to have them, and sometimes you just have to treat yourself, you know? but he said the usual, that he doesn’t have time, even though it’s literally just a block or so away from the hospital and we always get there early enough we have the time,and I just want to see,and I either can afford it or I can’t, and it means so much to me, but I bet if it was something for him or that he had to do or wanted to do he’d somehow find the time, just not for me, because I don’t matter, but I’m hoping in time his heart will “soften” and he’ll change his mind, but it’s so hard to get him to take me anywhere or do anything for me, and he’ll never go out of his way, change his schedule, alter his routine, , take the time, make the effort, or bother in any way for me….

As well, I finally got to do my Confession for my Divine Mercy Novena, which has to be done within 20 days to “count” but I couldn’t do it last Sunday as the priest hearing the Confessions was the old grump and I don’t feel comfortable with him but yesterday for the last 10 minutes my fave. priest relieved him at the confessional so I quickly jumped up as soon as they switched and I ran in….and the grumpy old fart saw and knew what I did and he gave me this really scornful fierce look, but I did my Confession, and he noticed my hippo tattoo on my foot as I was wearing my moccassins(without socks) so the tops of my feet were visible and he goes, Is that a tattoo? Didn’t that really hurt? (being on my foot)…yes, it did,actually, and was my most painful one of all…. and then he shook his head and muttered, women! and at the end of Mass on the way out he says to me, Happy tattooing! He also told me that I’m a good woman and that he prays for me which I thought was really nice. 🙂