The Little Dachshund.

Screen Shot 05-05-17 at 10.15 AM 001 When we got back from the hospital from visiting the 13 YR old I saw this on our outside windowsill on the veranda near the mailbox: a little Dachshund figurine…..but I have no idea where it came from or who left it there! It’s a mystery! Who left it there? Who gave it to us? I assume it must be one of the neighbours, but who,and why? It’s the sweetest little thing and a nice and kind thing to do but it’s a real mystery why and where it came from. My guess is maybe G.P. who died last night; another neighbour came over today and told me the news so perhaps she’d had someone give it to us saying, Give this to the lady with the Dachshund. I’m surprised if so though as I don’t really know her that well, she just always sees me going by as I’m walking Buddy and I wave at her and say hello but that’s it… I wonder if I’ll ever find out?

As well, we’re getting 70 mm more rain and it’s supposed to rain for the next 3 days and there’s flooding everywhere, and the other day after my weed I was looking at my new sunflower painting I bought and it “morphed” right before my very eyes and started taunting me heckling, I’m not really a sunflower, you know; I’m a marigold! You got the wrong painting! and it really freaked me out! Today is also the 15 YR old’s cheerleading competition in Toronto and also the 22 YR old’s jiu-jitsu competition, also in Toronto.

We also visited the 13 YR old and they gave her a day pass so we took her out to eat and to the bookstore. They went to Five Guys though and all they have is burgers and fries( gross) not even any chicken burgers so there was nothing for me to eat (so I just got a drink) and I was starving and my hubby wouldn’t bother to take me anywhere else to get food, not even just thru a drive-thru, and the 13 YR old had blood work done as well but everything came back as zero; zero potassium, zero hemoglobin, zero platelets…..which obviously is wrong, otherwise she’d be dead, so they had to do it again and re-do the tests and it all came back normal, and the nurse told us she’s very “guarded” and private as well and won’t open up and she told them she’s no longer suicidal but I don’t really believe it; I think she’s just telling them what they want to hear so they’ll let her out, and I hope that they’re smart enough not to fall for it,and I worry once she returns home, even though we’ve locked up all the medications and sharp things if she’s really determined to kill herself there are other ways and she’ll find a way and that just scares the hell out of me……

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