Bev’s House.

Screen Shot 05-07-17 at 08.14 PM This is G.P’s house. I figure now she’s dead I can tell you her real name was Bev. She was 80 YRS old when she died and she was a nurse. She never had a family of her own, and I want to tell you an interesting story about Bev’s house, seen here. This was the only house that she’s ever lived in, in her entire life! Can you believe it? She was raised in this house; it was her family home where she grew up with her parents, brother and sister, and then she remained in it for her entire adulthood and life and she died in that house.

I can’t even imagine living in just one house, one street, one neighbourhood, or even one city, for that matter, for your entire life, never moving, never living anywhere else! I’ve moved so many times and lived in so many different places; so many houses in so many cities, even in different countries, I just can’t even imagine staying in one same place for your entire life. That just blew my mind when I heard that. It’s pretty sad too, living here in Bumble-F*ck for your entire life…

As well, we visited the 13 YR old, and so did her oldest sister, who took the train in from Toronto, which was nice and also shows her that her family does love her and cares about her. We signed her out( and it’s like a prison where you have to be buzzed in and out by security and everything is monitored by cameras) and took her shopping at the mall(and she bought a new jeans) and I must say I’m proud of myself,too: I went to the mall and I never spent any $$$$ and didn’t buy anything! When I asked her if she wants to come home she said she wants to live with the second-oldest, but that wouldn’t really be fair to her, having the responsibility of having to take care of a kid,yet at the same time she wouldn’t tell us exactly why, or what the issue is with our family, so we can’t help her, work with her, change anything, or try to make things better if we don’t know what the problem/s is!  My hubby even asked her if he and I should get divorced and we split the family up into 2 separate groups and live in 2 homes and she said no, and then he said should we get ‘rid’ of me and again she said no,and when I asked if she wants my mother to move out, she again said no….so I don’t know what it is; is it just the general conflict in the family, or does she just not like the rules, or doing chores, or having to go to church…or what?

On my weed the other day it was funny as well: my mother was watching a TV show and I was hearing it in Russian, and I was even able to read and understand something in Greek,too, and watch and understood a movie in Czech, so it truly does allow you to access a part of your brain that you normally can’t, as of those languages I only know Russian normally other than a few swear words in Greek! 😀