Cuba, Part Two.

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Today I took photos but with my iPod( so I don’t have too many as it quickly got full) as we couldn’t find the Fuiji camera battery recharger or the memory card; we found the old Nikon and Canon ones but they don’t fit and those old cameras are long gone. I don’t think there’s anywhere to re-charge my iPod either so my music will run out, and my shaver doesn’t fit into the outlet as it s a 220 volts here (ours is 110) so the outlets are a different size so I can’t shave my head this week! Today I also spend 3 HRS at the beach and luckily I already have a tan to begin with, unlike most other newcomers, who are most likely facing their first major sun exposure and are getting all red, burned, and peeling, and I’m so dark now I look like an Indian! I’m also so glad that I lost 42 pounds earlier,before I came here in my bathingsuit at the beach( although I’m still fat, only now a baby hippo instead of an adult-sized one) but there still are others even fatter than me, and wearing bikinis,too (ugh! There are some things that you just can’t un-see) and as they lay around in the sun it keeps bringing up images in my mind of walruses sunning themselves on rocks. At least I have the dignity to cover it up in a one piece.

The resort’s nice,too, a bunch of bungalow villas on a compound  with tropical gardens but the mosquitoes are really bad here , unlike other islands in the Caribbean I’ve been to where there was no issue, and I keep getting eaten alive so I’ll probably end up with the Zika Virus, or something! They have a spa as well I’m going to check out later, and my room’s big , with a writing table and mirror, couch, chair, tub, and even a terrace I can sit out on in a yard, and embarrassing as well: I was laying down on the bed topless, cooling down, and in walks the maid and saw me in all my glory, and we both shrieked and I quickly covered my chest with my arms and she gasped and ran out….I don’t know who was more embarrassed……me……or her!

I also watched 80’s videos on TV which was nostalgic of my teen YRS,  I saw little salamandars scurrying across rocks,  and I rested in the shade under a palm tree when it got really hot: 33 C! I’ve also never said Hola! or gracias! so much in my entire life, and there’s so many different paths and areas here too that I keep getting lost and  I aways end up at the wrong place…..shit…. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to find my away around ok without getting lost? I feel like like an old dementia patient with Alzheimers. The food is also buffet although they do have a couple of restaurants as well but I’m not sure if you have to pay extra for those( and I won’t because I’m poor and I’m cheap) and you need to make reservations for anyway and it’s easier to just walk in when you feel like it and my theory is if it’s a hassle then it’s not worth the hassle.