Cuba, Part Three.

I saw a flamingo today! I also go the beach by 8 am before the crowdsScreen Shot 05-31-17 at 08.43 AM( and so I can get a chair) and before it gets too hot in the day. In the water I was also suddenly hit with The Shits and desperately pleaded, bano! ( there’s an accent thingy over the “n” but I don’t know how to do it on my keyboard) and luckily made it ok! I also have a siesta( nap) during the hottest time of the day, and the kind gardener made me a “flower” out of palm fronds, likely he felt “sorry” for me, a woman all alone, and travelling on my own people probably think I’m this strong, sassy, confident, independent woman,too, when in reality I’m the complete opposite ( except for the sassy part).

I also got really bad blisters in-between my toes( either that, or something in the water bit me….) from my flip-flops and I was hoping the spa here did manicures too but they don’t; just massages, but I do have an appointment with the barber on Saturday to have my hair re-buzzed as even though I did bring my shaver it didn’t fit into the outlets here; ours is for 110 volts and here it’s 220. I e-mailed home as well and they said Buddy’s sad and depressed and really misses me and is just “moping around” but seems better with his back and no longer yelping and I was even worried he was dying( and then I’d have nothing to go back to) but St. Therese sent me roses ( on the reception desk) as a sign of “reassurance” everything will be ok.

A bartender called me a maricon as well( WTF, man?), and I know what that means; it means faggot,and I’m not, but even if I was it’s still not a very nice thing to say, and it made me realize as well what it feels like to be discriminated against and gave me a small example of what black people, gays, etc. experience on a regular basis when being referred to by derogatory terms, and my Spanish is limited but I do know what that means, but I can still communicate as some Cubans do speak Russian, or even French, so I’m still ok either way.It will also seem weird once I’m back home hearing  everyone speak English  after hearing everyone speaking Spanish all the time here! The salt water also took all of the colour out of my hair,too, so when I get back I’ll have to re-dye it again!