Cuba, Part Four.

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I watched the sun set on the beach  and here the sun goes down just before 8 pm. I just love the beach,too, it’s my fave. place and a piece of Heaven on Earth and my Happy Place and where I find solitude and peace and I love hearing the waves crashing along the shore and watching the ebb and flow of the tide(and sometimes it comes in closer and other times it’s farther out) and I saw a sand crab as well! I also noticed  my outer right ankle’s really swollen as well so I must have been bitten by something, maybe some kind of poisonous spider or something, ha,ha…

They spray the grounds for mosquitoes here twice a day as well; in the morning and at dusk; a truck goes by and sprays and workers also have these “jet-packs” on their backs with hoses attached that they use to spray with, and they do have activities here such as volleyball, karioke, clubbing, etc. but I avoid social events and just keep to myself; I’ve never been one to socialize anyway and I came here to relax and be on my own, away from everything and everyone. I could have gone to Varadero which was another option, like my friend C went to, but it’s too tourist-y and crowded and I wanted a more secluded quiet place so I decided to come here instead and I’m glad I did.

I still can’t believe that I’m really here,either, it seems like a dream and I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming,and this big barracuda swam just mere inches past me as well only at first I didn’t even know what it was until someone told me, I just thought to myself, Woah, that’s a really big fish! and then someone pointed out what it was, and that it’s actually a type of shark,and they told me that one recently bit off the baby toe of a tourist so it’s a good thing that I didn’t get too close to it or reach out and touch it! The strangest thing ever happened to me as I was laying on the beach as well: a small biplane buzzed by overhead and it was flying so low I could read the serial number on it and smell the jet fuel….and then it sprayed pesticide(either crop dusting, or more likely, for mosquitoes) all over me,and it felt like it was raining!

Another bartender called me sir as well; what is it with bartenders, anyway, and it’s so beautiful here I imagine this is what the Garden Of Eden must have been like, and I often walk barefoot (especially as my feet hurt) but let them stare; I don’t care; I’m on vacation! It’s a common sight to see me walking back from the beach, sandy feet, barefooted, holding my flip-flops. I also swim as far off in the water as I’m allowed, into the deepest part, as far as the barriers allow us to go, and I brought my goggles too so I can submerge and look at the fish. That’s yet another glaring difference between my hubby and I,too: I just love the water and the beach and he hates it and won’t go anywhere near it because he can’t swim, and he won’t even wear a swimsuit or shorts either because of his chicken legs! 😀