Cuba, Part Six.

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At the beach I dragged my lounge chair into the water just at the edge of the shore so I’d feel the waves lapping up against me and also cool off as I lay in the sun! I stayed for 4 HRS. This little black and white striped fish also kept circling around me as well and I saw a school of trout-sized fish swim past me,too! I also walked past some performers congregated behind a building and smelled weed and it made me wish I had some too and I was tempted to offer to buy a doobie off them but I was too shy, and I also discovered that Cuban cigars smell somewhat like weed as well.

I also fantasize of a Cuban romance with a Latin lover, but that’s just not me and I’ll just have to be content with my imagination and fantasizes, and so far all I bought was a fridge magnet with Che Guevara on it from a vendor at the beach, and the Cuban Peso’s as bad as the American Dollar as when I exchanged 100$ at the bank I only got 66 Pesos worth and I use most of it for tipping; my fave. waiter( who goes all the way to the bar to get my cola in the morning), my fave. waitresses, the gardener, the maid…etc..esp. since I remember reading somewhere that the average salary in Cuba is only 20$ a month so if I tip someone 5-10 pesos it would be alot of money to them. I also brought American $$$$ as I heard somewhere that they liked to be tipped in that currency as well as they can get lots of stuff on the black market with it.

I hardly ever even think about home,either, and Buddy’s really the only one I miss(it’s because of them I had to get away!!) and the girls said they took him to a dog festival as well and he was the only Dachshund there and he was a very popular little fellow and he had a great time but came back home exhausted and just flopped out, and I bet that’s what Heaven’s like,too; you’re so happy where you are you don’t think about what you left behind or miss it. I also heard this lyric in a song, It’s ok to be alone, you can make it on your own….and it felt like it was speaking to me….

I have The Shits again,too,and it feels like my poor arse is burning and on fire, so it must either be something in the water or I ate something with cream in it that I wasn’t aware of, or it’s all the mangoes I’m eating, or perhaps the meat in the souvlaki’s undercooked, or something,and they have the best mangoes here I’ve ever had in my life,too; so ripe, juicy,and tasty! YUM!! There’s also a nearby town here called Moron and “moron” in English means idiot or stupid so it made me laugh! I can’t wait to see Buddy again and hold him in my arms again; I really miss my boy!