Cuba, Part Eight.

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Final Chapter.

My flight home was an HR late leaving; it didn’t leave until 10:30 pm, so I was stuck for 4 HRS waiting at the airport to leave, bored out of my mind, and it’s a small airport,in the city of Jardines Del Rey, so not much to do, although it did have a couple of gift shops and I bought this cool Che Guevara T-shirt and a military-style hat. I was just soooo tired too that I laid down curled up on a couple of chairs and rested for awhile because I knew it was going to be a long night and it was; I didn’t get back home until 4 am by the time I got thru customs, got my luggage, and the 2 HR drive home from the airport, and I had been awake for 22 HRS and I was just exhausted! The photo here was taken on my departure day. Check out my epic tan!

I thought I had lost the second half of my Cuban travel document( I had a similar one in Barbados as well; half for entry and half for departure) I had forgotten about it or that I still needed the second half and I couldn’t find it so there I was, standing in line to check in, frantically looking everywhere for it, with my suitcase open….I eventually did find it, in my money belt shoved in hidden behind something….thank God….but I was frantic… I also did pay the extra to get extra leg room on the flight back and it was well worth it; it was glorious and because everyone else was too cheap to pay the seats around me were all empty so it was like I had the entire section private, all to myself, and I felt like some rich swell or celebrity travelling First Class or by private jet.

I also did a barf in the bathroom on the flight home; my stomach felt upset, and another really big one the next morning after I had breakfast,and continue to have bad abdomenal pain but once I got back at least The Shits let up,and on the way home from the airport we almost hit a deer that suddenly darted out in front of us on the highway out of nowhere as well, and Buddy really missed me,too, he piddled he was so excited to see me and he just melted into my arms and stayed still in my embrace, unmoving, for the longest time, it was so sweet,and stayed glued right next to me in bed all night. I really missed him,too.

The 14 YR old still continues to be really mean, disrespectful and mouthy to me as well, and yet I have no idea why; she acts like she hates me and wants nothing to do with me and I have no idea why or what I ever did to her(or what she thinks I may have done to her) when I did nothing but love her and we used to be really close until she became like this, yet now whenever I try to talk to her or even say anything at all to her she’ll snap, Just shut up! Don’t talk to me! or Why would I tell you? I don’t talk to you! or about my hubby, At least he has a job, unlike you! (even though my job is staying home with and raising and homeschooling the kids but I guess to her that means nothing) and she’s just so nasty to me in general and always pushes me away and has nothing but mean barbs for me, and I have no idea why and she refuses to tell me and it just breaks my heart…it’s just really hurtful and confusing….I love her so much…..why can’t she just be nice?