The Headless Hippo.

Screen Shot 06-08-17 at 06.21 PM 001 The 18 YR old found this and she thinks it’s a hippo although it could be a pig( but I think it’s a hippo too as a pig would have a curly tail and it has the stout, stubby legs of a hippo and the body shape of a hippo) and gave it to me(because she knows I love hippos) and the first thing I said was, It doesn’t have a head! Where’s his head? and then she said you stick it to your cell phone or iPod and it stands up. It’s the funniest thing though, a headless hippo, or, rather, a hippo with a suction cup for a head. She’s also graduated Cadets and won the highest award for Cadets as well, only given out every few years and next month is going to be on staff at Cadets camp for the summer before she goes off to school in Ottawa. She’s always been one of our highest achievers,talented with art and writing, and of all the kids she’s also always been the most reasonable one, and one of the kindest.

Screen Shot 06-09-17 at 12.44 PM The gross thing on my foot is even worse now,too, not better. I’ve had it now for 5 days and it’s not healing or getting any better yet, but worse. Now it hurts even more and now the shiny part in the centre(that looks like some kind of ulcer, actually) is all red, whereas before it started off white and then it was pink, and now gross yellow and green pus is coming out of it,too……I know it’s infected,and my friend W said maybe I picked up some sort of infection in Cuba and I was wondering the same thing,too; maybe some kind of bacteria or something from the beach or that’s in the salt water, since I did spend 3-6 HRS every day at the beach and in the water…that might also explain my abdomenal pain, diarrhrea, and vomiting as well….shiiiittt….I’m debating going to the doctor or the ER or not; the thing is it always takes 2 weeks or so to get in to even see my doctor so by then it will have either already all healed up on it’s own or I would have already died from infection, and I don’t exactly feel like sitting in the ER waiting for 6-8 HRS either only to have them tell me it’s probably nothing…. I take my usual approach: wait and see and just give it time and hope it gets better on it’s own…..unless something drastically changes in some way for the worse indicating otherwise….

Another gross thing of the day: I saw a dead roadkill squirrel on the road after it was run over by a car and then this big raven came over and started pecking it’s eyes out. Ewww. It then proceeded to pluck off  and pull out other parts of it’s flesh, all gooey and stringy. Barf.