Pondering For Today.

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For The Love Of Hippos.

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As well, we had some excitement on our street: next door had the police and ambulance and EMS over: a woman was unconscious on the front lawn and the cops wrestled this young man and handcuffed him and then he was restrained on the gurney and taken away in the ambulance. The police also stripped down the toddler girl that was there with them down to her diapers, right there in public on the front lawn, for all the neighbourhood to see, my guess is checking for signs of abuse, but this must have been so traumatic for her and something that will stay with her forever.I don’t think they should have done that. It’s not right. As it turns out, the teen boy had overdosed on something and was violent and aggressive and attacked his mother and choked her. With rednecks it’s like a real-life reality show every day around here and there’s always some drama going on and they never fail to entertain!The scoundrel across the street also sold his place and moved out yesterday and the dance studio where the 18 YR old took lessons bought it and will be moving in soon! Too bad it wasn’t this close while she was still going there but now she’ll be working at camp all summer and then off to school!