Epic Party!

Screen Shot 06-27-17 at 07.45 AM 001

Here are some photos from the 16 YR old’s epic Sweet 16 birthday party and dance that she had at the local highschool that she rented for the occasion. Everybody had fun and there wasn’t too much food left over.

Screen Shot 06-27-17 at 07.45 AM

The theme was pink and black and Chanel. See how nicely the tables were all decorated? It makes me think of a wedding reception. She really planned it out well and put alot of thought, planning and work into decorating and the food and everything. Sign of the times as well: notice how all 3 girls here have their phones nearby and 2 of them have them right in their hands, even at the table? Sigh….

Screen Shot 06-27-17 at 07.44 AM 001 The birthday girl!

Screen Shot 06-27-17 at 07.44 AM

Here is a group photo. There were actually 16 guests not incl. sisters but some people didn’t want to be in the photo so not everyone’s in here. Really freaky,too: see the girl at the front on the bottom right in the purple dress? She looks exactly like my friend Nancy when I was a kid; the exact same face, hair, eyebrows, everything; she looks just like her; it just blew me away when I saw the resemblance!