My Day.

Screen Shot 07-01-17 at 08.30 AM Yesterday was My Day. I was a happy hippo. Everyone was out all day for Canada Day with just Buddy and I alone together in the house all day so we had a nice quiet relaxing day without any noise, without any stress, a nice, quiet, relaxing day to just hang out together and not have to do anything or worry about anything or get stressed out about anything.A day where I don’t have to feel as though I’m walking around on eggshells, or be on edge wondering what someone might do or say to me next. I could just enjoy,and just be.

It was also a Weed Day(relaxing me even more)and I had a butter chicken pizza that I divided up into half and had half for lunch and the other half for my dinner. I grooved to my music, and part of the time we even got to go outside once the rain stopped and it cleared up and the sun came out. It was My Day to just be free and do what I want, without anyone to bother me, criticize me, be rude or disrespectful to me, insult me, mock me, belittle me, berate me, put me down, provoke me, ridicule me, bully me, exclude me, push me away, degrade me, demean me, etc. I wasn’t made to feel like I’m nothing, a worthless piece of shit. I could just be. I could just feel the tension leaving and my body for once being able to just let go and relax.

It was My Day with just my Boy and I and I really needed it. My hubby and the 14 YR old also left for Toronto last night, for pretty much all of July, except for her 2 app’t’s, which will be a break for me as well, the only downside that I have to walk to church all month, and today the humidex is 33 C, but I guess it’s a small price to pay considering the great reduction in stress I’m getting for an entire month in return with my hubby gone! I will feel so free! The 18 YR old’s gone at camp all summer,too, and the 22 YR old doesn’t come back from California until Thursday, so now there’s only 2 kids at home! Wow! To think that we originally started with 11 kids 28 YRS ago and it’s down to 2 for the next few days,and then only 3(and in August, 4)until the end of summer… …enjoy it while I can, while it lasts.