The Duck.

Screen Shot 07-02-17 at 07.05 PM Yesterday my hubby, the 14 YR old, the 21 YR old,and the second-oldest saw this huge floating inflatable rubber duck on display at Harbourfront in Toronto. It’s  massive, 6 stories high! This photo here was taken by my friend I (from grade 8) who also went to see it. It’s touring all around the province this summer as a sort of tourist attraction thing, a couple of days at a time in each place before moving on to the next city or town. I saw it on the news,only from the inside, and it looked like a bouncy castle and like the Pokemon Pikachu from the inside and they said it takes 4 HRS to inflate. Alot of people are protesting at the cost though; the Ontario gov’t paid a massive 150 000$ just to rent it for the summer, saying it’s a good investment as it draws tourism for the province, but I agree that the money could have been much better spent on more important things such as foodbanks, homeless shelters, etc. Sure a gigantic duck is cool, but I don’t think it’s worth 150 000$! Just more wasteful gov’t spending…and it’s our tax dollars, too!

I could also hear the loud fireworks for Canada Day, which continue on all long holiday weekend, and it scared the bejesus out of poor Buddy, who alternated between whimpering and hiding under my bed and shaking and trembling in fear and jumping back up in bed and snuggling with me for comfort. On Saturday night I’d still had the effects of my weed and forgot about the fireworks and at first thought it was the end of the world, you know, like ARMAGEDDON, and I thought  the loud booms were fire falling from the sky and then I thought maybe we’re under attack,esp. as the nearby town is our rival,and it sounded like those TV news reports from the wars in Iraq and Syria when you can hear bombing and mortar fire in the distance, but then I realized what it was, ha, ha,  I’m so dumb.

I was lucky walking to church as well; it rained in-between; while I was in church but not while I was walking there and back, and it made me sad as well the old lady I talk to in church wished me a Happy New year and I replied, You,too, not wanting to embarrass her, but she must be going senile and it was just so sad, and with the 14 YR old away at camp and my hubby in Toronto for most of July I certainly don’t miss being told to shut-up! every time I speak, or my hubby always being condescending and belittling, and it felt so leisurely as well not having to always check what time it is for the 14 YR old’s meals and snacks for her weight restoration and not having to think of and prepare her meals and snacks every 2 HRS but I was just able to do whatever on my own time without having to watch the clock and interrupt or keep track of the time; I could just come and go and not have to stick to any schedule and it was so nice. It also made the day feel like it was going by slower and at a calmer, more leisurely pace.