6 Weeks, 2 Days.

Screen Shot 07-03-17 at 07.28 PM “Aunt Flow” finally came, over 2 weeks late, at 6 weeks, 2 days, and of course the cramps are off the charts , bad enough I had to take the prescription medication from my doctor, but even that didn’t do the trick so then I also took another “miracle” medication that cures most ailments( that I usually take for migraines but also helps other headaches, cramps, anxiety, insomnia, nausea,etc…) ….cannabis oil! True medicine for the mind and body! That finally did the trick and shortly after the cramps were gone, and the weed and naproxyn together are apparantly even more effective.  I’m surprised the flow isn’t a real gusher, though, going so long,(I do have clots though)although usually the second day is the worst…seriously, I’m too old for this shit anymore! Where is menopause? I’m also thinking that maybe the reason it went so long this time is because last month I was also bleeding in-between periods; either that, or menopause…

The thought also occurred to me that maybe the reason the 14 YR old “turned” on me and hates me and disrespects me now is because I use weed for my migraines twice a week and she doesn’t approve and looks “down” on me and is being judgemental, even though it is a legal medical prescription, prescribed by a medical doctor to treat a medical condition,  making it no different than any of the other medication I take for other ailments such as my high BP, ulcer, depression, etc. although she, the 16 YR old,and my hubby hassle me about all my pills,too, even though none of them are opioids or addictive in any way, none are painkillers, and are are for legitimate medical conditions.It’s not like I’m some junkie in a crack house! I think they’re just always looking for a reason to tear me down.

In case you were wondering, I also made the weed meme seen here myself, You’re welcome. I got the idea based on a friend’s FB quote, and then I added the background as I’m thankful for God’s bounty, and that incl. the cannabis plant! It alleives so many medical issues and it’s just an added bonus that it also comes with nice side-effects,too, unlike most medication side-effects such as constipation, dry mouth, weight gain, etc.

Screen Shot 07-02-17 at 06.43 PM I also put this photo here of baby Fiona(at the Cinncinati Zoo; I have been following her since her premature birth back in January) simply because she’s such a beauty and when I saw this it just made my day. It’s so cute I decided to share it. The guys in Toronto also went to the Canada’s Wonderland amusement park, and my hubby drove back later in the evening to take the 16 YR old to one of her activities that’s still on during the summer, although it’s too bad another of the parents couldn’t have taken her so he wouldn’t have had to come back and do all that driving. As soon as he saw me the first words out of his mouth were criticism,too, critical that my music was too loud. Somehow I can’t say that I was surprised… It was also my cousin’s birthday yesterday and I sent him a greeting on Facebook and he replied, Thanx, Cuz! and that tiny 3-letter word Cuz (short for cousin) just stood out, and meant alot to me, it gave me this sense of belonging, of inclusion, of family, of affection,of being a part of something; something that I haven’t felt in a long time.