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I just finished binge-watching a TV marathon of Degrassi, Next Class season 4, all 10 episodes, and what makes it even more remarkable is that only  4 or 5 episodes have even aired on TV yet (out of 10 episodes) yet I was somehow able to get all 10 episodes, the entire season, on YouTube! Because it was on YouTube, where licensed and copyright things are quickly removed as soon as they are observed, I knew I had to watch them all right away, as soon as I could, before they all get taken down! I know it can be at any time, from right now, to a few HRS, to tomorrow to a couple of days, but once they find out it’s up there then it’s gone, so you have to watch it now, right away, so there I was, watching for HRS and by the end my poor eyes were all blurry and my brain couldn’t process anything…. I was a vegetable…

As well,my foot has now finally completely healed; it’s now just a big scar, and the pool guys were supposed to come and finish opening the pool but they never came so we called them to find out and they said they did come but no one answered the door (probably didn’t even hear the doorbell) so they just went to the back and put in 12 packs of the powdered chlorine, etc.explaining why the pool’s now starting to look better, now more of an aqua green colour instead of blackish-dark green, but they still have to come back to put up the ladders!

The 22 YR old’s also back from 2 months in California and funny,too: my hubby( who’s notorious for always getting times wrong) told me he thought his flight arrived at 4 pm….when in actual fact it was just leaving at 1 pm L.A. time, which would be 4 pm our time, and wouldn’t be arriving  until 8:45 our time! I think the time difference might have f*cked him up a bit…… ya think? hahahahahahahahaha!!