Back From California.

Screen Shot 07-07-17 at 02.01 PM The 22 YR old (seen here with his GF, and this photo was taken by her mother) is now back home after 2 months in California. He had a nice time and he stayed with his GF and her family. He said they had something planned and went somewhere and did something every day and went out to eat every day for lunch or dinner, and at nice classy places,too, but despite that his fave. restaurant was In ‘n Out. He didn’t get that from me!  I like the fancy stuff! They also helped her grandparents move, and went to different cities, to a Korn concert, to watch TV shows taped live, went to the beach, camping ,etc. He had a really good time but now he’s sad and misses his GF. He’ll see her again soon though as she’s coming here for school in September.

He also said he spend so much time in the sun( he’s not used to; he never goes out in the sun, not even in the summer, he can’t stand it when it gets too hot, unlike me, who’s always outside) one time he even spent 7 HRS at the beach and he got really sick, he got sun poisoning, which is an extreme sunstroke; he was vomiting, had a fever, headache, was disoriented, dehydrated, and so sunburned that his skin was bubbling, blistering, and peeling, and when water was poured on him steam came off, and he was in so much pain that he couldn’t sleep for 2 days!Ouch!

Screen Shot 07-07-17 at 08.05 AMThe 16 YR old also made this dress entirely herself, right from scratch. She hopes to be a fashion designer and has already made several other dresses, PJ’s, shirts, skirts, shorts,etc. She made her own pattern ,designed it herself and sewed it, all within a few HRS. The 14 YR old also enjoyed her first week of performing arts camp and this is the 18 YR old’s last summer at camp teaching as well as the last summer her and her friends will have together at camp before everyone goes off in all different directions and to different cities for university, starting a new stage in their lives.