Weird Things I Do.

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Weird Things I Do:(or interesting facts about me, whichever you prefer)

I talk to inanimate objects

I chatter away to my dog, an entire conversation, as if he’s a person.

I shave my legs but not my armpits

I talk out loud to myself( but I don’t answer)

If I bump into something or knock it over I say “sorry”

I can’t sleep without music

I use weed but don’t drink alcohol

I speak 4 languages but I can’t do math

I can turn my eyelids inside-out

I can bend my thumb all the way back down straight against my arm

I can be thinking in one language but talking in another

I put corn and gravy in my mashed potatoes

I sunbathe topless but would never wear a low-cup top

I shave my head

I can imitate doing funny accents and various voices

I can make “fart” noises by putting my hand under my armpit

I used to be able to make this noise that sounded like a walrus

I can write with my feet

I write, eat, brush my teeth, etc. with my left hand, but use scissors with my right hand.

I can crack my knuckles

As a ‘tween I kissed the posters of celeb guys I had on my bedroom walls

As a teen I practiced kissing with pillows and stuffed toys

I’ve been to 36 countries but I’ve never been to NYC

I can “curl” my tongue