My Shorts.

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This is my new shorts that I got at American Eagle, paired with the shirt I got in Cuba. I just love the funky style, with the different colours and the rips and the frays. My mother always jokes when I buy jeans with rips or holes in them that I spend alot of $$$ to look poor. Ha ha. I was finally able to get enough space cleared off on my iPod to be able to take photos again. I also got stung in the back by a wasp; I leaned back while sitting up and felt this painful sting that made me jump; I figure there must have been a wasp on the cushion and when I reclined back I leaned against it. The 14 YR old’s also back from Toronto and camp for a day for her app’t at the clinic and she tried to dye her hair blonde….only it ended up a brassy copper colour, usually indicating the bleach wasn’t left on long enough even though she said she left it on for 2 HRS, but when your hair is dark like hers it can take a long time….I know, I’ve been there. Now the 16 YR old(who’s a fashion diva) is going to try to help her get the colour right…and if not, she can always wear a hat, like I had to do that one summer when I was 14 or 15 and had that awful perm…

Screen Shot 06-23-17 at 03.37 PM This is also poor Buddy with his nails painted pink, courtesy of the 16 YR old. I was finally able to get a photo of it. The poor thing. He looks so dejected.My poor dog.I also read somewhere that people on the autism spectrum such as myself with my Asperger’s have high levels of cortisol ( a stress hormone) which might explain my constant state of stress ( along with external factors such as my toxic family and my life) and my high BP and stomach ulcer, and I never knew that there might be a biological reason for it, much like my depression and bipolar, with low levels of seratonin.Screen Shot 07-10-17 at 10.50 AM 001

My friend J in Ottawa said as well that some asshole stole the license plate off his car! What kind of person does something like that though, steals license plates off people’s cars? I mean, really! A Facebook friend in BC also said her kids’ camp got evacuated because of the wildfires! Holy shit! The 22 YR old was trimming hedges too and he accidently cut the electric cord which then made some fuses go out so part of the house had no power, and now my mother’s BP and blood sugar are too high! it’s always something!

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The pool’s starting to look better as well, after 3 bottles of algaecide, 15 packs of concentrated powdered “shock” and other chemicals. It’s now more of an aqua/ green instead of a black-ish/ dark green,and hopefully soon it will turn blue. We go thru this every year. Very frustrating….and expensive! The pool guys finally came back to put up the ladders,too, just as I was beginning to think we’d have to have the season without them. They also put in more shocks while they were here,too.