First Swim.

Screen Shot 07-12-17 at 06.18 PM  I went for my first swim in the pool this summer. It was also the first swim anyone’s done in our pool so far this season,and the water was freezing cold! At first I could only wade in gradually, up to my waist in the shallow end, to get used to it, and then after about 30 minutes I finally gathered up the courage to plunge under water. It was really cold but I soon got used to it. The water still isn’t clear or blue, but with all the chemicals in it I know it’s clean so I had no trouble swimming in it, and besides, I’ve swam in much worse; it’s called Lake Ontario! It was really a yellow/green colour at the bottom, and the deeper you went down, and the bottom was all slimy and slippery but I just pretended I was at the lake. We got more jugs of the “shock” liquid chlorine that we keep dumping into the pool in an effort to get it nice and clear and blue. I didn’t go off the diving board yet though as I was afraid if I went that far down ( 9 feet) that my face might freeze off because the water temperature gets colder the deeper down you go!

As well, the 18 YR old had a day off work at camp and she’s local this YR so she came over, and she had to get her hair cut as it was “too long” by Cadets staff standards, even put back in a ponytail or bun, she had to have 3 inches cut off so now the length is down to her boobs instead of to her waist. I also had a dream I looked out the window and saw a tornado and exclaimed, Holy shit! Is that it? as well as another dream I was riding this beautiful horse that was a silver/white colour with piercing blue eyes.

I also woke up with a headache which lasted all day yesterday and had achy ears and feel dizzy (and this was before I went in the pool so it’s not an ear infection from the green water and it was also before I had my weed; Weednesday) so it must be some sort of virus going around, like which is what they told my mother at the hospital and she probably has, and now after a few days on her Tamiflu she’s feeling better, despite being convinced she was going to die, but I think it’s more just generalized worry at her age every time  she gets sick she’s like, ok, is this it? Could this be the time I die?