Why I Like Animals More Than People.

Screen Shot 07-14-17 at 02.06 PM I like animals more than people. Not in that animal-freak way where I think their lives are more valuable than human lives or that animals are equal to humans or take priority, but I just like animals more than I like people. I think they’re nicer and I can relate to them more and get along with them better. They have pure souls and good hearts. They are very loving and they love you unconditionally. They don’t care what you look like, how much you weigh, how much money you have, if you’re disabled, if you’re popular, or any of that stuff. If you’re kind to them and take care of them they will love you back with all their heart and loyalty and they won’t hurt you, betray you, use you, turn on you, laugh at you, reject you, ridicule you, exclude you, etc. but they will just show you friendship and love like no other and ask nothing in return. They are the most selfless beings. All they have for us is love.

When they say that Dogs are man’s best friend, for example, they weren’t kidding. I have never had a friend as dear and devoted as my dog. Animals are very keen and tuned in to our emotions and well and can sense if we’re upset, hurt, sad, or not well. They are good listeners and good comfort. They are good companions and can develop good connections with humans. Animals can also be very therapeutic as well such as therapy horses and dogs. They lift our spirits, put a smile on our faces, heal our broken hearts, ease our loneliness, take away our sadness, dry our tears, teach us how to love, develop compassion in us, etc. and I know esp. with someone like me that’s become so defeated  and beaten down by my life that I don’t even have the emotional stamina to attempt anything beyond the usual day to day life I know the love and companionship of my dog means the world and is a huge blessing in my life. He truly is my best friend.

If I see an animal my instinct is to go up to it and say hello. If I see a person I hope it goes away. I’d choose an animal over a person any day. Animals don’t hurt me like people do. All they do is love, and they don’t judge or hate. They love and accept you just as you are. I certainly can trust animals more than I can trust people. They love even the most broken and damaged of us. They love even the most undesirable, unwanted, and  unlovable of us. You love them and they love you back. Too bad people weren’t like that,too.

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