Set- Back.


This is Buddy enjoying sharing an ice cream with me. The 14 YR old, however, isn’t doing so well in eating. Despite all the progress she’d made over the past 5 monthsScreen Shot 07-19-17 at 10.57 AM.PNG

in therapy, she has now regressed to where she was a few months ago, a major set- back. I guess them weaning her off her meds wasn’t such a good idea afterall as now it’s allowing the eating disorder to resurface once again, take hold and control her again. That, combined with the fact that she’s depressed and “down” now that camp’s over and since coming back home, and that’s understandable and I’m the same way,too; I love the city and I thrive there and just come alive, I’m in my element, but as soon as I come back here my soul dies. She never opens up and talks so I can only guess but I’m pretty sure this is most likely why she’s struggling again. It’s hard, frustrating, and heartbreaking  as well trying to help someone that just doesn’t seem to want to be helped or makes any effort to help herself and fights me at every effort I make in trying to help her get better.

Yesterday she was back to her disordered thinking habits of “playing” with her food, moving it around on her plate but not eating it, just “picking” at it and only putting one tiny pea at a time on her fork to her mouth and then she outright refused to eat dinner at all, saying she hates food and doesn’t need food and when I reminded her remember what they said ( that she actually has to have more now to get her weight up again) she shrugged and said that she didn’t care, and that she didn’t care if she got better, that no one could make her eat, and she didn’t care if she had to go back to the hospital, etc… just like she used to be like early in her treatment, which is very concerning and worrisome and my hubby had to cancel his plans in Toronto and come back home now to deal with her, incl. probably having to take her back to the hospital. Why is it whenever things seem to be progressing so well something always has to happen to f*ck it up? Why can’t we ever just get a break? This is a constant, ongoing source of stress and worry. It feels like it will never end.

As well, I heard on the radio the orthodontist I saw a couple of YRS ago was arrested for making child porn and for videotaping patients without their knowledge or consent. …wow….just….wow…. it just goes to show that you can’t tell and you never really know. Most people have their kinks but child porn really crosses the line. Filthy pervert! That’s just so creepy and gross.  I also thought I saw an ISIS bumper sticker on a car that went by but as I got a closer look I saw that it wasn’t really, and it wasn’t even Arabic, but just “scribbly” English, ha, ha and it said Crazy cat ladyI’m so blind. I should have worn my glasses. 😀