The Best, -Est.

Screen Shot 07-22-17 at 08.26 AM With all the kids, it’s not hard for me to see who’s the best, or more skilled, or the “est” at any given task, skill, ability,  such as who is the smartest, the tallest, the loudest, etc… I could also go the other way, like who’s the most annoying, the brattiest, the meanest, the mouthiest, the rudest, the most disrespectful, the most defiant, the most trouble, the one that worries me the most, the most difficult as a baby, the dumbest, etc… but I’m not going to go there. I’m going to keep it nice.

The tallest: the oldest

The smartest: the youngest

The most observant: the 14 YR old

The most stylish: the 16 YR old

The best writer: the 18 YR old

The best at music: the 21 YR old

The most responsible: the second-oldest

The best artist/ drawing/ sketching: the 14 YR old

The best painting: the 18 YR old

The funniest: the oldest

The kindest: the 18 YR old

The most perfectionist: the 21 YR old

The best taste in music: the 22 YR old

The high achiever: the 18 YR old

The most unique: the 21 YR old

The shortest: the youngest( but probably not forever….)

The longest hair: tie between the 14 and 18 YR olds

The survivor: the 19 YR old

The one with the best luck/ always wins stuff: the 14 YR old

The most flexible/ acrobatic: the 16 YR old

The cleanest room:  hahahahahahahahahaha!

The hairiest: the 22 YR old or the oldest, not sure.

The strongest: the 22 YR old

The loudest: the youngest


As well, something weird with Buddy: for the past 4 nights in a row  when it’s time for me to snuggle down and start to fall alseep he gets really agitated and he starts pawing at me and scratching me, whimpering and whining, jumping all over me and running back and forth along the top of my pillow, trying to rouse me, and he’ll bark, too, not wanting me to fall asleep, almost as if he’s afraid for me to go to sleep, like he knows something bad is going to happen to me when I sleep, such as maybe seizures or maybe I even stop breathing (sleep apnea?) when I’m asleep or something, or perhaps he can even sense that I’m going to die in my sleep soon? I have to pet him and soothe him, reassuring him everything’s ok and to lay down and go to sleep, and then he’ll curl up snuggled right up next to me and go to sleep, but it’s the strangest thing… he doesn’t do it when we go up to bed, or while we’re in the room getting ready for bed, or while I’m just laying on the bed listening to music before  I go to sleep, or even when I turn the lights off, only once I start to actually fall asleep….. it’s the kind of thing he does if he hears a loud scary booming noise such as thunder, fireworks, or gunshots, but now he’s doing it every time I start to fall asleep,too. My mother said maybe I snore and it’s bothering him. Nice.