Happy Distractions.

Screen Shot 07-27-17 at 10.42 AM My hubby is in Toronto again this weekend, so I have to walk to church again,and he hasn’t driven me to church or the 22 YR old to jiu-jitsu in over a month now and it seems to me that he’s backing out of family obligations bit by bit; he’s either not here to drive us or he is but he says he’s too busy and doesn’t have the time…..of course when he’s away that also leaves me to deal with the 14 YR old on my own, incl. that she’s still balking trying to get her to eat, refusing what’s served, refusing to even have a snack, and then trying to pass off measly melba toast and cheese as a snack when she needs something with more “bulk” (such as a muffin, ice cream, scone, cookies, etc…) and when I told her that it wasn’t enough, esp. now she’s losing weight she hit me with the French bread baguette! It’s also his job to get her to have her shower and wash her hair as she doesn’t do it if I tell her; she doesn’t do anything I tell her, so the therapist told him that it’s his job to get her to do it, except he’s never here or he forgets to remind her if he is…and of course now he’s not here it won’t get done… I’m left here alone with it all….I can’t deal with all this on my own. I can’t do it all myself.

Screen Shot 07-28-17 at 04.40 PM Needless to say I have alot of stress in my life with ongoing crisis, and the way my family treats me,etc… so when I need a break, a distraction, a Happy Place to go to, here is a list of the things I like, and like to do, that make me happy, take my mind off things,make me smile, I enjoy, help me relax and chill-out, a temporary escape from all the shit in my life:

  • Go swimming
  • Hang out with my dog
  • Sit out or lay out in the sun
  •  Read
  • Weed
  • Travel
  • Shop
  • The ocean, beach
  • Sunflowers (see the extreme close-up photo I took?)
  • Hippos
  • Have a nice long bath
  • Watch a movie or a funny TV show
  • Listen to music
  • Church
  • Look at old photos and enjoy the happy memories
  • Try to find joy in the little things each day