Old Hippie.

Screen Shot 08-30-17 at 06.59 PM I’m an old hippie. Or a Next Generation Hippie. Or a recycled Hippie. I’ve always been a free spirit and embraced the Hippie culture and mindset of peace, love, anti-war, anti-gun,and anti-violence, and with my newfound love for weed, and I love all things tie-dye, peasant blouses, bohemian-style clothing, flowers in my hair, groovy 60’s music, psychedelic patterns, etc. I would have loved to have been at Woodstock; I think it would have been just epic but I was only 2 YRS old.

Screen Shot 08-30-17 at 06.56 PM 001was born in 1967 near the end of the hippie period but I was born with it in my blood, and have always  had the hippie spirit, vibe, soul, and mindset. It even meshes nicely with my Communist background as hippies as well were into communal living and sharing everything they owned, and when you really think about it so was Jesus and His followers, it sounds like Jesus was a Hippie and a Marxist to me. I can still even remember my first tie-shirt shirt when I was 2 years old. I loved that thing so much, even then, and I’ve had a succession of tie-dyed shirts in various sizes ever since. Currently I’m looking for a pair of tie-dyed socks but they’re seemingly impossible  to find unless I go online and pay 3 times as much for shipping as I do for the actual item itself! By then it’ll end up costing me 60$!!

Screen Shot 08-30-17 at 06.56 PM I still remember the time too when my BFF and I were 12 and that time we dressed up as hippies and took the streetcar downtown and everyone kept staring at us. It was awkward but fun. We were decked out wearing tie-dye shirts, suede fringed vests, bandanas, large “Peace” sign necklaces, ripped jeans and Jesus sandals. It was hilarious and we had so much fun. I’ll never forget that.

Screen Shot 08-30-17 at 08.41 AM I remember in school that 2 of my friends’ parents were hippies as well: J’s parents in grade 2 and T’s parents in grade 5, and it was fun hanging out at their house and going to their birthday parties as their parents were so easy-going, cool, nice, approachable, fun, and friendly, and they had cool furnishings too such as beanbag chairs,beads in the doorways, and lava lamps. and one of my own cousins when I was young was a hippie,too: he was 20 at the time and even had the long hair that my uncle hated and always told him to cut off.

Screen Shot 08-30-17 at 08.40 AM As well, on weed I had a “revelation”, an awakening, or an insight, or whatever you want to call it, that death is merely the transferring of matter from one dimension to another (similar to tele-porting) and changing of matter from one property(physical) to another( spiritual) and that the matter still exists and continues on, just somewhere else and in a different form. The 18 YR old’s also all packed up, excited,and ready to go to her dorm/residence in Ottawa this weekend,too, but I won’t be going along, for one thing I can never go back to Ottawa again after what happened there with our enemy and the trauma I endured; it was too traumatizing and I never want to go there ever again as it will only bring back flashbacks and bad traumatic memories. I never want to see that place ever again.

I Am Pogue.

Screen Shot 08-29-17 at 07.39 PM 001 There was this thing on Facebook that analyzed your profile(although I bet it was probably just random) and comes up with sage advice and a life goal for you, and mine turned out to be eerily just perfect for me, if only I had the courage and the confidence to be  ever actually able to persue my dream goals: to move out away from my toxic family and live independently on my own, learn how to drive a car, and take flying lessons, as I’ve always wanted to be able to fly and seeing the CF-18’s soar across the sky I look up at them and daydream, I wish I could fly one of those, that would be so awesome, and to be able to scream across the sky…  and as we were driving home on the highway yesterday I saw the words Great things are coming on the side of a truck,too, and it struck me as a personal message of hope to me that perhaps there still is hope for my future, that things still can turn around and look up,and maybe it’s never too late to find happiness and love? Maybe one day I’ll finally be free? Maybe I can get my mojo back, find myself again,and be the Old Me again? Have a semblance of my Old Life back? Learn to smile and laugh again? It seems so impossible yet I also know that nothing is impossible with God.

The 22 YR old also finally got a haircut; he found a barber in town he likes and that did it the way he wants and now he looks like my Preppy rich-boy friends from the 80’s, all that’s missing is the pastel shorts, Lacoste polo shirt, cardigan, and deck shoes! The clinic went well yesterday as well and the 14 YR old gained 2 pounds in a week! At first I thought it was a pound but it was 1 kg notpound and a kg is over 2 pounds, so she’s mad, naturally, not wanting to gain any weight, but the rest of us are overjoyed as it means she’s getting healthier and better and closer to her ideal weight! They said the close supervision of meals is what was needed and when they asked her what she thought of that she shrugged in resignation she didn’t like it because now she can’t do ‘bad things’ anymore (such as hiding her food) and it gave everyone a good laugh. The therapist also repeated previous instructions that my hubby is not to talk down to me, belittle or demean me in any way and not to let the kids see him mistreat me like that, and he’s also to tell them to obey me and treat me with respect too,and I’ve noticed in the past week that they haven’t been so mouthy and mean or insulted me or put me down like they usually do and it’s been nice!! I notice absence of the emotional abuse has affected me,too, in a positive way as I feel I’m more joyful now, like I have a spring in my step almost, feel happier, and am in a better mood generally, like it rubbed off on me, and they treat me better then it puts me in a better mood,too.