Hemp Smoothie.


Screen Shot 10-30-17 at 03.07 PM When my newest order of cannabis oil arrived in the mail I also got a free sample of hemp powder protein so I tried it and put it in my smoothie with fruit, juice,and yogurt. You can’t really see by the photo here but it ended up turning the smoothie a gross diarrhrea green colour and it tastes like ass! At least I know what I won’t be ordering, not that I was going to but that stuff is really nasty, I mean it was gross!  I didn’t notice anything after I’d drank it either as far as how I felt although I did do a fart later on and it smelled like weed. In any case, I don’t recommend the hemp protein powder, it just ruins the entire smoothie.

Our furnace also wasn’t working and it was so cold in here so I checked it and the thermostat said it was only 64 F so I fiddled with it to try and lower the “expected” temp. so urge the furnace to come on but it still didn’t so we had to call the repairman. He came fairly quickly and he found the problem: the flooding in the basement due to the record rain we got Sunday ( 65 mm breaking the previous record of 19 mm in the 1950’s) seeped into part of the furnace at the bottom and somehow short-circuited the circuit board so he had to replace it and now we have heat again. It’s good we have that plan as well where we pay so much every year and all repairs, parts and service calls are covered and included in that plan, no matter the cost, which is good as this would have cost over 1000$ otherwise, 1000$ that we don’t have! So now the furnace guy also knows our little secret; we have now been publically outed and shamed as one of those people that already has their furnace on in October. Yes, we admit it; we’ve had the heat on. It’s been cold enough.

I also casually mentioned about tongue-f*cking jelly or cream-filled donuts, Twinkies, etc. and my hubby just gave me this really weird incredulous look and then it made me feel really weird and outcast but I can’t be the only one that does that; digs my tongue in there deep and roots it around to dig out the creamy or jam centre… my abdomenal pain’s also been bad for a whole week now and extra bad for the past 2 days and I’m nauseous at times,too, and on Sunday I had both plus I was really dizzy when I stood up and I had to grab onto a chair so I wouldn’t fall over so I wasn’t able to go to church this week and I felt really bad, but there’s no way I can walk and stand like that; I’d pass out, plus there was torrential rain I’d have to walk in; I just wasn’t up for it but now I feel guilty, like I’m playing hooky from school, like how I felt when I used to skip gym class.

I’m sad as well to hear that Henry the Hippo (Fiona’s father and Bibi’s mate) is really sick and most likely dying. He has some sort of infection and it’s shutting down his kidneys and he’s not responding to treatment. He’s 36 and Nile hippos generally live to be 35 so he is old but it’s still sad, esp. since he just recently was reunited with Fiona following months apart after her premature birth. It was nice to see the family together and now they will have a member missing soon.

Poor Henry. 😦

Update: I just heard that Henry the hippo has died. The Cincinnati Zoo has euthanized him. R.I.P Henry.


Weed Is My Friend.

Screen Shot 10-29-17 at 07.17 PM As you know if you read my blog, I have a legal medical prescription for weed for my migraines. I’m actually prescribed 2 g a day but there’s no way I could ever afford that so I take it twice a week as migraine prevention, but I have also found thru trial and error and coincidence that it helps for so many other things as well, and I even find if nothing works to alleviate other pain or headaches, even after trying everything else, the weed does get rid of it! So now, over the past 2 years I still take it twice a week for migraine prevention but I also take it other times in-between as well when needed too, when I have another headache or pain that can’t be relieved any other way. I could just take it daily but then my 40 ml bottle of cannabis oil would only last for 40 days….that’s just over a month….and it costs 90$ a bottle….oh, shit!

I have found that as well as eliminating my migraines if I get other headaches as well it will get rid of them , and it helps for abdomenal cramps , anxiety, insomnia, eases stress, relaxes muscles and tension, elevates my mood, calms me down, and helps me relax and sleep. It’s also good to help get your mind off things and zone out when you have one of those extra bad really shitty days and you just need to tune out and float away, and also would be good at the same time to increase times of joy, as in a celebration, to magnify your already uplifted spirit.

Weed is my friend!

My hubby also saw the title of this post as he walked by and he grumbled, Why don’t you post about your other medications,too, not just weed all the time! so, in that spirit, here are the other medications I take as well:

Topamax for migraines

Atenolol for high BP

Sulcralfate for stomach ulcer

Lasix for fluid retention/edema

Prozac for depression


and of all of them weed has the best side-effects. 😀

The Indian.

Screen Shot 10-28-17 at 07.03 PM I still remember when I was in grade 7 and we had an assignment in shop class. (Yes, they had this “progressive” idea that both boys and girls had to take both shop class and home Ec)I hated wood class, just detested it( but it was better than metal class; that was even worse!)  but at least we got to choose what item we carved out and got to design for the project and I chose a Mohawk Indian head.  It looked very much like the one shown here except I also burned into it a face and other features with some kind of wood burning iron that looked like a thin screwdriver. Then when it was done I drilled a small hole in the back to hang it on the wall.

You might ask,Why choose an Indian? Of all the choices most people would choose some sort of animal, flower, car, cartoon character, etc.. what an unusual choice but I’ve always been political, a social activist, a Marxist( even as a kid) and stood up against oppression and injustice so this was my little way of showing solidarity and support for the Native People, and speaking out against the cruel and inhumane way they are being treated by the gov’t , like second-class citizens living in a Third-world country. This was my little way of drawing attention to their plight and showing that I’m thinking about their cause, that it’s important, worth honouring and showcasing.  Even when I was little, for as long as I can remember, I have always been very socially and politically minded; I have always been a little Marxist, even when I was a kid, even in the games I played, the stories I wrote, the pictures I drew, the art I created, the projects I did, the essays I wrote, the articles I’ve had published, the posts I post, the way I vote, etc. it’s just a part of who I am.

The Indian Head is long gone now and I’m sad about that. I had it for the longest time with all the moves and the fire it got lost somewhere along the way and I have no idea what happened to it or where it is now but it turned out very well and I got a good mark on it and was very proud of it, esp. since I struggled in shop class. I still carry the memory of the Indian with me, and the meaning attached to it and I continue to carry the struggle of the Native People in my heart and defend human rights.


Screen Shot 10-27-17 at 04.45 PM I wish I was pretty. Not only so that I wouldn’t be ugly but also because my entire life would have been completely different.  I would have been completely different. I would have fit in, belonged, not been ostracized and bullied, wouldn’t have always been the last one in school chosen for a lab partner in science, or for sides for teams in gym class or the last one asked to dance at a school dance, or worse; the only one left leaning against the wall left behind watching everyone else dance. Instead, I would have been one of the first ones chosen, not the last one always left, the least desired. I would have been desired, wanted, preferred, the first choice, popular, admired instead of rejected, liked instead of hated, included instead of bullied. It would have changed my life.

If I were pretty and not ugly I would have been asked out and desired as a mate, I would have had alot more opportunities and choices in life, not only for a mate but in all aspects in life. I wouldn’t be as held back or excluded because of my looks, but instead the world would open up to me; I’d get in ahead, or free, be invited, asked out,nominated, voted, go to the prom,get complimented, and any of the other many perks and various other ways that attractive people seems to breeze thru life and have things go their way and open up to them. I wouldn’t have been discriminated against, hated, rejected, not considered, last, ridiculed, bullied, overlooked,ignored, seen, treated and made to feel “less-than”, unworthy, worthless, inferior, second-class, and have everyone  always be out of my league because of my looks. I would have self-esteem and self-confidence. I would have been an entirely different person. I would have a chance to have happiness and find love.

The girls are also really excited as they got tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert in Toronto at the end of August next year and apparantly it was really hard to get them and they sold out quickly within minutes! I can still remember my first concert,too; I was 12 and it was REO Speedwagon and they were 90 minutes late coming in from the airport and there was a riot and people were throwing chairs and setting fires and it was really wild! Then they came and played for maybe less than half an hour and left. I’ve been to so many concerts since I couldn’t even count them. I just love music. Like Bob Marley said, Music is life.