Neuro And Nails.

Screen Shot 12-01-17 at 04.05 PM Sorry I’m so late posting this but our stupid InterNet was down for almost 2 days but now it’s finally back up. You don’t realize though how many things depend on it and how little you can get done without it. Holy f*ck. So anyway, I had my yearly app’t with the neurologist in Kingston and he renewed my prescription and he’s very concerned about when I’d fainted and hit my head and he’s thinking it might have something to do with my heart, like it skips a beat, or an abnormal rhythm or something so he’s referring me to a cardiologist and having me wear a Holter heart monitor for 24-48 hours to record my heart beats to look for any abnormalities and also booking a CT scan for my head to see if the impact did fracture my skull or if I have a slow brain bleed since I’m still getting frequent headaches and pain from it. He’s also thinking that what I thought were seizures might, in actual fact, be heart-related issues instead.My grandmother on my mother’s side also died of a heart-attack when she was 50, so there’s that…

I also spent the day at the mall, making My Day out of it, and I went to the nail salon and had my nails done. I got a French manicure. I figure why wait until I’m dying to do the things I like? Why not still do some things I enjoy while I’m still alive? So I go to the counter to pay and they inform they that they don’t take credit cards, only cash or debit,and wouldn’t you know it, I don’t have any cash on me, even though last time I checked I had at least 80$ (so I’m thinking one of the kids must have taken it as I haven’t been out shopping or been anywhere to spend it) and I don’t even have debit,and have no idea how to even use an ATM so I had to call my hubby to come bail me out,and he was 30 minutes away so I had to sit and wait. He refused to come with me to either the mall or my app’t all because I was wearing my weed shirt( my fave. shirt) and he snarled he wasn’t going to be seen with me and that it disrespects him even though I’m the one wearing it, and I’m allowed to wear whatever I want and don’t need his permission, and it has nothing to do with him,and besides, I don’t care if he goes out wearing his redneck hockey jersey; I wouldn’t refuse to be seen with him even though I don’t like hockey. He’s such an asshole. I can’t believe that’s the “best” I could do and all I “deserve.” I hope and pray that God sends me a way out. I can’t keep living like this anymore.

I also walked down the street from the hospital and looked in the shops and boutiques after my app’t (I bought a little  plastic hippo!) but I went too far and somehow got lost and didn’t know where I was ( which wouldn’t have happened if he was with me) and the stores I saw on the way back weren’t the same ones I saw on the way down, and I didn’t recognize anything; I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and got hopelessly lost(I feel like a senior with dementia),so once again I had to call him to come rescue me but luckily there were street signs so he was able to find me.I know he’s fed up with me always being so stupid but it’s not like I can help it or that I do it on purpose or anything, but I refused to let anything ruin My Day though, not even him being an ass( and he purposely did try to ruin it by purposely sleeping in and dawdling and delaying so we left late so I’d panic,too and also by “forgetting” his phone so we had to go back) or me being embarrassed over not having any cash to pay, or even getting lost. I wanted to check out a pot dispensary as well and pick up some edibles but I couldn’t find the place.