Bloody Hell.

Screen Shot 12-05-17 at 06.38 PM This month Aunt Flow is really bad, and I mean really bad. It’s so heavy it’s practically hemmoraging and I was even wondering if I even had to go to the ER but then decided against it since no one ever takes women’s things seriously anyway, like when I mentioned it to my doctor before he just shrugs it off as part of being a woman and something I have to live with even though I’d had it now for some 37 years and I know what it’s like, what to expect,and what’s normal and I know that this is not and it’s not how I usually have it; it’s changed this past year, alot heavier and crampier, and I thought as you neared menopause it was suppose to lessen and ease up and get better, not worse!

In any case, the cramps are so bad it woke me up at 2:00 so I staggered downstairs to get some medication so I checked my Diva Cup (which I only wear overnight in bed as I sleep because it always falls out when I walk upright so I use tampons during the day) and it was full right to the top and it had only been a few short hours, and normally when it goes all night it’s only half-full or less, plus I’m soaking thru a tampon and it’s string, saturating it, soaking thru to my pants, every hour. I know I’m bleeding way too much and it was hard to get thru at the clinic with the 14 YR old yesterday too the cramps were soooo bad but I just drugged myself up and pushed thru it. I wonder if it’s maybe even uterine cancer or something? Why is it so bad now?

Screen Shot 12-05-17 at 02.36 PM

This is also Buddy with his new toy the 16 YR old got him and it’s even personalized with his name! Isn’t he just adorable? My Old Boy will be 12 in 2 more months and he’s really showing his age now with grey on his face and paws and he’s slowing down walking now,too; we’re growing old and grey together,and maybe we’ll even die together, snuggled up together in bed? The 18 YR old also got 100% on her photojournalism mid-term, and the 23 YR old’s GF has Strep Throat, so he’ll likely catch it now,too, since it’s so contagious and he would have been kissing  her (hee,hee!) and it’s so common among campus and dorm life I remember when my oldest was away at university he had it 3 times!

I also heard that the 18 YR old’s former friend as a teen(who I called Klepto because she stole) had a baby a few days ago, a boy almost 9 pounds and she dropped out of highschool as well, typical teen mom redneck highschool dropout in this town, and  it baffles me when we compare and see the differences in their lives; between the 18 YR old, away at school, and hers, a life most likely spent on welfare living in a trailer.

My hubby’s known for distracted driving as well, such as the typical cell phone but also oddities such as putting on his deoderant, clipping his nails, reaching behind him looking for something, eating sunflower seeds, throwing garbage out the window, etc. while driving, generally on the highway, and the other day he also stupidly took both hands off the wheel and held them up in the air like some sort of crazy fool and I told him, What are you doing? You’re going to get us all killed! This isn’t an airplane you can put on auto-pilot! Man, do I ever hope the cops catch him one day (and I’d laugh my ass off…….and I’d sing like a canary,too!) and he finally gets what he deserves and learns his lesson.