Not Much.

Screen Shot 12-09-17 at 08.01 AM Nothing much happened today.

I just love this; the colours, the style, the design, etc. It’s  the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, but it would be my dream bedroom style, I’m such a girly-girl! It’s just so pretty, pink, pastel, feminine, dreamy, magical, pretty well every girl’s dream room and even at my age I still love it. A friend of mine remarked that it looks like a unicorn barfed up rainbows. I can just picture it with  nice Queen Anne -style dresser, wardrobe,bedside table and bed, all painted white, and the bed with a pretty sheer pink canopy draped over the top. I’d never leave my room.

Screen Shot 12-09-17 at 05.32 PM 002 This is also the 16 YR old in her new cheerleading uniform, all purple, my fave. colour. I like it all except for the gloves but I’ve never liked those style of fingerless gloves that’s mesh or has the holes in them. I really dig the fuzzy feet, very 60’s mod-style fashion. Buddy also hasn’t been eating any of his dog food for the past week, not the moist food I put out daily or the hard kibble so I wondered if he was sick so I did an experiment by offering him other food such as chicken, weiners,and pepperoni which he took ok so his appetite is ok; if he was sick he wouldn’t eat anything, and I get the impression he’s hungry always scrounging around the carpet eating whatever he can find as well as constantly mooching off us so it got me wondering if maybe there’s something specifically with the dog food or it’s location that he doesn’t like so he’s avoiding it and not eating it, such as maybe it’s too close to the garbage and he doesn’t like the smell, or maybe the mice have been in it or something, so I switched the location of his bowls but it made no difference, he’s still not eating it, so now I just have to feed him other food now, such as chicken or roast, because he has to eat something. Maybe he’s just become so spoiled now he refuses to eat “peasant” dog food anymore and will only accept real meat, people food now?