Out Of Focus.

Screen Shot 12-17-17 at 06.41 PM Right as soon as I woke up in the morning I felt dizzy, was staggering around, had a headache, felt light-headed, “woozy” and out of focus, and then later on in the day my nose started to run and I was sneezing so I think I’m coming down with something ( just in time for Christmas,too, just my luck!) most likely a cold) and my mother said she’s feeling the same way as well, esp. dizzy and staggering around so she must be getting it,too. The 23 YR old’s GF also thought her Strep Throat was coming back again as her throat was starting to hurt and she didn’t feel “right” so she went to the hospital as she thought she needed more antibiotics but it turned out she just has a winter cold but being from California she’s never had one before (we get them several times a year here) so she didn’t recognize it or know what it was. The 23 YR old also went with her and got his knee checked as well which has been bothering him and he has a torn ligament and got a prescription for some kind of cream he’s to apply to it. Bad knees run in my hubby’s family though so it’s genetic and just something he inherited.

Buddy also hasn’t shit in 3 days as he refuses to go in the cold but I don’t know how much longer he can hold off and I don’t want a “surprise” in my room during the night as he can only hold it for so long and if he’s waiting for it to warm up that won’t be until spring, until April and he can’t  wait that long, and I also had a dream I met my eternal companion; he was blonde and had curly long-ish hair and looked like a rock musician and his name was David. Could he be the one that loves me, misses me, and is waiting for me in Heaven?