Road Trip.

Screen Shot 12-18-17 at 06.53 PM Later today after the 14 YR old’s app’t at the clinic my hubby’s taking some of the kids on a road trip for a week. He’s on vacation for 2 weeks and they’ll be travelling to Toronto and London to visit 2 of the kids plus do some shopping and stuff along the way and while they’re there and then bring the second-oldest and the 21 YR old back with them to visit over Christmas for a few days. The 18 YR old’s also taking the train up to visit as well. While they’ll be gone it also gives me a bit of a break and vacation too as I don’t have to plan, prepare,and supervise meals, and also don’t have to keep track of the time for every 2 HRS, and it’ll be alot quieter here with less people, plus no one here to sabotage my stuff and save $$$$ as well with less loads of laundry to do and less food. So they’ll have a fun adventure and I’ll get a nice break,too!

Buddy also finally shit after not for days and I still have the headache and feel dizzy, spacey, woozy, and now my ears ache as well and I woke up coughing during the night and even remember coughing up some fluid, and I notice my fluid retention’s worse again,too, esp. my fingers and ankles and lower legs and my skin’s looking yellow-ish( jaundice) again as well. Ugh. A FB friend also posted how when she looks at her husband she can’t believe how lucky she is(to have him) and I said I feel the same way about my dog and then she got all bent out of shape accusing me of comparing her husband to a dog which I never did and was never my intention; my point was just simply that when I look at my dog I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him in my life, and she accuses me of “demeaning” him,etc. and then de-friended me,and it really hurt because I’ve never been anything but a good friend to both of them. Some people just suck. Some people just take things the wrong way and no matter what I do it always somehow seems to get twisted around , taken the wrong way, and people hate me for it.