Screen Shot 12-19-17 at 05.49 PM The 14 YR old’s app’t at the eating disorders clinic yesterday went well; she’s doing really well and almost at her ideal weight and they said now she only has to go once a month with discharge soon in sight, in maybe just a few more months! I also no longer have to write down everything she eats in my log and she’s now able to start being more independent and starting to participate in the selection and preparing of her own meals! They also want to start weaning her off her meds which scares me as last time they tried that she crashed and the eating disorder told ahold of her again and dragged her under. They don’t necessarily think the same thing will happen again but I’m not so sure. It’s encouraging and hopeful to see her doing so well though and to see that an end is near and I’m hoping this won’t be a life-long struggle for her but rather just a small “blip”.

My doctor also called and said they have my CT scan results already only this time I have to come in and discuss it, not like last time when I had my scan he just phoned me and told me the results, so this time they must have found something really bad (shit, maybe I have a brain tumour, or something?) and they said not until the New Year so either he’s off until then or else they don’t want to give me bad news until after Christmas so my Christmas won’t be ruined… also what got me suspicious when they called is they asked me how I’m feeling; if I’m doing ok and feel ok since I had the scan on Friday which I thought was kind of odd….to tell you the truth I’ve had this headache for the past 3 days I couldn’t get rid of until I tried out some of my new weed (now that it’s nice and fresh, plus it’s the start of my vacation now too the others are gone the rest of the week so I wanted to celebrate accordingly) in my bong and I never noticed any effects but it did knock out the headache! I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed a skull fracture though, or even a brain bleed as the impact when I fainted and fell was brutal. I see him on my birthday…. yeah, happy birthday to me…

My hubby also got this BMT sub at Subway and it bothered the hell out of me because I couldn’t figure out what it meant as BLT stands for bacon, lettuce, tomato except there was no bacon, lettuce, or tomato in this, but rather pepperoni, salami,and ham… where’s the BMT? I kept trying to figure it out….B for bun maybe, perhaps M for meat, but what about the rest? It was bugging me forever so I finally just Googled it and here’s the answer: BMT originally was Brooklyn Manhatten Transit but now it means Bigger, meatier, tastier. So now I know. Now you know. Now we all know. Now I can sleep at night.

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