Nothing But A Headache.

Screen Shot 12-20-17 at 06.38 PM Nothing much really happened today other than I have an epic headache. It even woke me up at 3 am it’s so bad. It’s not like my usual kinds of headaches(and it’s not a migraine) but something different and this one starts at the back of my head and also includes a stiff sore neck and feels like something “bursting” almost, mainly at the top of my head. It’s really weird. Sometimes I swear it also feels like something’s dripping. It’s day 4 actually I’ve had it and I try everything and only weed gets rid of it but,of course, once the weed wears off in a few hours the headache comes right back. I’m so drop-dead tired as well my eyes are burning and stinging.


I also smelled popcorn at 6 am when I woke up but at first it smelled like piss as I was waking up and at first I actually thought Buddy couldn’t hold it and had an accident and peed in my room but then after awhile I realized it was freshly microwaved buttered popcorn I could smell 3 floors up. It turned out the 23 YR old had made it for his breakfast and he was up all night and hadn’t even been to bed yet and was just going to sleep when I was waking up! I also remember when he was a little kid he used to call Christmas lights fa-la after the chorus in that song, fa-la-la-la-la(and called eggnog chicken milk because in French it’s lait de poulet which literally does translate to milk of chicken, or chicken milk) and the oldest when he was around 5 or so asked how Santa could get into our house since we have the security system and it’s armed so I just told him we gave him the passcode.I also convinced him I had a Kid Eating Machine in my bedroom closet  where I hid the presents so he wouldn’t be tempted to go in there and peek! He said he didn’t really think it was real but he also didn’t want to take the chance either. The kids were so cute and so funny when they were little. I really miss that.


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