Screen Shot 12-02-17 at 06.47 PM I still can’t believe that Christmas is in just a few days. It seems like this year it just suddenly snuck up on us without any warning. For some reason I just don’t feel “Christmas-y” this year; I just don’t feel it. At least we should have snow for a White Christmas though after originally they didn’t think we would as the temps were to go up and rain and melt what snow we do have all away but now they say we’re to get more snow over the next couple of days and it’s to remain cold so it should stay and we should be ok. I esp. love the big fat fluffy white flakes and I want snow every year for Christmas as it doesn’t seem like it without it.

Screen Shot 12-21-17 at 04.36 PM 001 Here is Buddy curled up in his “nest” beside the Christmas tree. He already tried to open up a present so we had to hide it way up high away from him. I’m really enjoying this week off break while my hubby and most of the kids are away and I can take as long as I want enjoying a leisurely bath; I don’t have to watch the time and rush it having to get out at a certain time to make breakfast,and I can take Buddy for a walk as long as he likes and not have to hurry up and rush back; I don’t have to worry about what time it is or keep track of the time and think every 2 hours what food I have to plan and prepare; I can just do whatever at whatever pace I want, I can get up and go to bed when I want, not having to care about the time, not having to plan anything, and no one’s here to sabotage my music or my computer. I could really get used to this!

I also surprised my mother by putting all the groceries away for her, an early Christmas gift(as I don’t have any $$$$ to buy anything) but she never even noticed or acknowledged it, and when I said sarcastically to her, You’re welcome! she asked for what and I told her putting away the groceries and she said she thought that she had done it but forgot! Are you serious? Is she kidding? That’s why there’s no use in my helping out, doing something nice, trying to please these people  or do anything because I’m never thanked, appreciated, or even acknowledged and it just always ends up blowing up in my face; for the groceries all I got was yelled at for opening up the shortbread cookies and taking 2 of them! Why do I even bother? I just end up getting criticized, blamed, put down, faulted, and yelled at anyway. The 10 YR old also yelled at me when I needed his help to get the news on the TV as it wasn’t working for me( again) You’re so stupid and don’t know how to do anything right! My family sucks.