Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Screen Shot 12-23-17 at 08.01 AM Merry Christmas! Last night at Christmas Eve Mass it was packed, I mean it was elbow to elbow, and we were packed in like sardines; standing room only; it reminded me of rushhour in a subway station in downtown Toronto! Even 40 minutes before it started it was already 3/4 full but instead of being annoyed by the crowds I tried to change my perspective and tell myself at least the good of it is it means that all these people love God and have a strong faith to be there for Christmas.

Screen Shot 12-21-17 at 07.09 PM We have lots of snow now as well and to get 15-20 cm more today,too, so we have the White Christmas I wanted! Buddy also drank out of the foot wash water the 21 YR old was soaking her post-surgery foot in,and they told her they have concerns that she might have a blood disorder of some sort as well and she has to look into that and have it checked out in the new year as after her surgery she was really bleeding, soaking thru her bandage entirely in about an hour, just like me with my tampons when Aunt Flow shows up. She limps and hobbles along as well, reminding me of Tiny Tim from the Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol; the little crippled boy with his crutches.She said they took out a few good-sized “chunks” too and she wanted to bring them home but they wouldn’t let her, just like they wouldn’t let me bring my Wisdom teeth home after they were pulled,either.

Screen Shot 12-24-17 at 07.17 PM