Early Birthday Lunch.

Screen Shot 12-28-17 at 03.04 PM My mother and I went out for my early birthday lunch. We went to our fave. Italian restaurant, also the finest dining in town but also expensive, which is why we only go twice a year, for birthday and Mother’s Day. Above is a photo of the left-overs we brought back home. We shared French onion soup, garlic bread, a chicken penne pasta with cheese, mushrooms and a creamy sauce, pizza with chicken, Feta cheese, mozzarella, mushrooms, hot peppers, onions, and sun-dried tomatoes, and the most decadent chocolate mousse cake imaginable. It was just beyond amazing and I savoured and relished every single bite. I swear I had an orgasm, and I have no doubt as well that gluttony is my biggest sin. With tip the bill came to 95$ but you only get what you pay for and honestly I can’t think of anything better to spend 95$ on…..my God it was just soooooo good and if I die now and it ended up being my last meal then at least I’ll die happy with a smile on my face and with a full stomach!

Also, if I really actually am going to die this year while I’m 50 I literally only have days left and I had this feeling before it’ll be on the 29th although I never knew which month; the 29th of what but if it is this YR this is the last month of the year and that makes today the last 29 th of this year as well so will it be today?It’s exciting though to think that I could finally be free in just mere hours, that Heaven is just so close….. my mother also thinks it’s her hemmoroids causing her rectal bleeding esp. as she said they were really itchy and she was scratching them and thinks she must have popped it causing the bleeding, which is next to nothing now, so it sure seems possible… It was nice having lunch out with her too, just the two of us, and we were able to talk and even almost “bond”, like in the Old Days when we were closer, before I had kids and she started meddling and taking over. There was actually a connection between us and it was nice.