Gastro I saw the gastroenterologist yesterday. His specialty is the digestive and elimination system except for the kidneys. His concern for me is my liver as blood tests have shown elevated liver enzymes over time. They took a detailed history and family history, checked my belly and said it could be my liver but Hepatitis tests in my bloodwork came back negative and I don’t drink and even though I do have a fatty liver that’s fairly common and shouldn’t be causing the elevated enzymes, abdomenal pain or jaundice and itching. He said it may also even be a plugged bile duct from my gallbladder surgery 2-3 years ago, that perhaps a gallstone got lodged in there and left behind, or maybe scar tissue is blocking it or something so he’ll book an MRI to get a closer better look at it and also wants me to have the liver enzymes checked in my blood once a month over the next 3 months to see if there’s a pattern; if they stay elevated or change, go up and down, or worsen, and then I see him again in May.

Something odd as well: when I came back from my app’t there was a message on the machine from my family doctor’s office; they’d called late in the day and when I called back  to return the message they said that the doctor wants to talk to me over the phone ASAP about my ultrasound results, the one I had a few days ago on my uterus….even though I do have an app’t already booked to come in and see him to discuss the results next week but he doesn’t want to wait that long and set up a phone call for later today….holy shit….I wonder what they found that’s so urgent it can’t wait a week? At least the good is it sounds like they found something to explain my heavy, painful periods, and irregular bleeding in-between and bad abdomenal pain, so hopefully I’ll finally get that referral to the Gyno I’ve practically been begging him for, for the past year! My mother guesses probably a tumour,(maybe it’s not actually a cyst like they thought on my ovary afterall but actually a tumour?) which may or may not be cancer and they’ll want to do a biopsy right away, possibly even remove the tumour……hey…while they’re at it, maybe they take my uterus out as well and I can just be done with this whole thing for good? No more Aunt Flow ever again,either….   🙂

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I Got Nothing.

Hippo I really can’t think of anything to post about today so here’s a hippo instead.

The only thing I have is there’s this man and woman in church I always see and I saw them in Wal-Mart so I told her I recognized them from church and I asked if they were twins because they look so much alike, almost identical in fact, but she look horrified, and recoiled,and goes, Oh, noooo! and then backed away ,slowly inching away from me. I guess they’re married but I thought they were brother and sister due to the resemblance and now I’m so embarrassed. I finally get the courage to go talk to someone and I end up saying something stupid. I always mess things up.  Well, don’t they say after years together couples do start to look alike though, so it’s not that bad…. I always feel so stupid and always say the wrong things…..such a f*ck up, and Asperger’s and social phobia really sucks!

My tattoo’s also starting to really itch now as it scabs up and heals and peels, and I had 2 “profound” (well, profound for me,anyway) thoughts as well: If there’s the Internet how come there isn’t also an Outernet,and I also realized that Saturday has the word turd in it, so it’s actually Saturday! 😀