Screen Shot 01-16-18 at 06.01 PM Yesterday the 14 YR old had her now monthly visit at the clinic. It went well and they said she’s in remission(from the eating disorder) and now 98% to her ideal weight! Isn’t that amazing? She’s doing so well!! She’s been in treatment for 10 months now, since last March. They also are starting to wean her off one of the medications and she had blood work done (which she didn’t like at all, she’s like my hubby that way) and an EEG to make sure there are no side-effects from the meds. We go back next month and they said we’ve basically graduated but they want to wait awhile before discharging her completely to see how she responds going off the meds plus we’re waiting to get a family doctor she can be followed up by and who can also prescribe meds as needed. I applied awhile ago but it takes months, sometimes even longer, I remember when I applied for mine it took around a year before I finally got my referral!

I was surprised that we even made the appointment on time,actually, and in fact, we just made it, as due to the snow there were 2 accidents on the highway and so we had to get off the highway twice and take the long and winding road, which made our trip even longer and slowed us down. Once we got back onto the highway for about 25 minutes or so it was eerie and weird too as we were the only car on the road and I really wondered if maybe we weren’t supposed to be there, like if the police had it shut down and evacuated for some safety issue only we didn’t get the message and there we were….rolling along, totally oblivious…but then later on more cars showed up and I felt better but it was just so weird being the only car on the highway.

I also finally did a shit on Tuesday as well after being horribly constipated and not going for 3 days, and before that I was shitting out hard little marbles, pellets, and my abdomenal pain was just getting so bad but I gritted my teeth and pushed thru the pain at the clinic and we finally did make it ok and once we got back I took 2 stool softeners and I finally did a shit….hallelujah….and it was glorious!

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