Lady Parts.

OvaryScan My doctor called me to discuss the ultrasound results, the ones so urgent that they couldn’t wait until my app’t next week (which I cancelled BTW) and it turned out not to be anything too concerning or that couldn’t wait; they saw the cyst on my right ovary again and said it’s 2 cm in diameter, which I must say is bigger than I’d imagined, making it almond-sized, about the same size as the actual ovary itself, and I had just imagined a little pimple-like thingy. They said they want to keep up follow-up scans on it annually but he said he’s going to send me for another one in about 9 months. I guess they want to keep an eye on the cyst, to see if it keeps getting bigger,gets twisted,ruptures, or if it develops into cancer or something….to tell you the truth, I’m disappointed and was sort of hoping that it was, and then that would be my escape from my life, my way out, my opportunity at last.

Blood also showed up in my urine again, like last time,so he’ll be booking me yet another ultraound, this one an abdomenal one focusing on the kidneys and bladder. He said my bloodwork has always shown low kidney filtration rate so that just means that it’s “normal” for me although I somehow don’t think a low anything or continuing abnormal  lab test results is “normal” for anyone…… The specialist called as well and I have my liver MRI next week! That was fast! Usually it takes months!

Most of the snow had melted as well with the recent mild temps and rain but now we had it snowing for 2 days and it’s back again but it looks nicer now, all sparkling, glistening and white, it looked gross before, all melting and dirty, like in spring, like in the end of March. The 14 YR old also made me sad before not knowing who Eric Clapton was but the other day I was listening to Led Zeppelin and she recognized who they were and it just made my heart so happy! She really is one of mine afterall!! My mother had mentioned about buying a sub,too, and I thought she meant the navy was going to purchase another submarine;that she’d heard it on the news, I didn’t know what she was talking about, but it was the sub sandwich and she goes, You had your weed today; you’re really out of it! 😀

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