The Raid.

PoliceRaid We had some major drama in this boring going nowhere town last night! Remember how my mother and I have long-had suspicions that they were dealing drugs at the house at the corner of our street? Well….it turns out that we were right because last night the police raided it!(I wonder if I’m also right the guy across the street keeps hostages in his basement?) There was this huge drug bust and there were lots of police and drug-sniffing dogs and they were there for at least the 4 hours that I was aware of and I also saw the cops with flashlights in the night going into the backyard and up and down the street all along the sidewalk looking for something. I was first made aware of it by seeing the flashing red and blue lights on my bedroom wall when I was up in bed so I looked out the window,and then when I announced there was action going on across the street the nosey girls ran out to get a closer look and said they saw the police bringing out lots of drugs!

Today on the news they mentioned more about it, how it was a big bust 2 months investigation and they raided the two houses, them and the one behind them as well, and that they seized weed, cocaine,and heroin, so it wasn’t just some low-level drug dealer selling weed’ this was some hard core big time shit,and then they also said that 6 people were arrested and that 2 years ago they were also charged with human trafficking, weapons offences and were involved in a murder case! Holy shit! I knew they sold drugs but I had no idea it was this big! Boy, we sure live in some neighbourhood, don’t we?You never really know your neighbours, do you? I’m glad I pretty much just keep to myself around here and just talk to a couple of people! The 14 YR old also informed me that the house next door to them is what she refers to as a Prostitute House which I had no idea about and she shrugged, Everybody how everyone knew about the drug dealers… well, I didn’t…but I knew about the drug den,and it looks like the police do now,too,and I bet now there’s also alot of people really upset and worried now their dealers are gone; where are they going to buy their shit now? I’m lucky with my legal medical marijuana prescription I don’t have to rely on the neighbourhood dealer or if he gets busted or not: I order it online thru a licensed supplier and just get it in the mail!