A Weird Day.

confused Yesterday was a weird day. First of all I was woken up at 5 am hearing what I thought was my mother calling me outside my bedroom door. It was very clear and concise, definitely a female voice, which sounded exactly like her, and it startled me awake in a panic as I was afraid something must be wrong for her to walk all the way upstairs and to wake me up during the night, that maybe someone had to go tot he hospital or something and I just froze in stone-cold fear….and I called back to her….nothing…no one was there, so I laid down and went back to sleep, but this isn’t the first time this has happened, it has a few other times as well. When I told my mother about it in the morning and asked her if she was calling me in the night she swore she didn’t and said she thinks it was probably an angel.But for what? Am I dying soon and it’s coming for me, or here to warn me perhaps about something?Or maybe to guard and protect us from something?

As soon as I woke up and all thru the day I also had bad indigestion that felt like a hard burning lump going down my throat into my chest where it would feel burning and squeezing and even though I took Tums for it, it still never went away and my mother was concerned I was going to drop dead of a heart attack the 2 times I had to go out in the yard and shovel Buddy a pathway to go pee with all the snow we got over the past 2 days. In any case, I see the cardiologist this week, and then on top of that I was hearing voices while I was having my bath; it was muffled and garbled and sounded like it was coming thru another frequency but static; like on a CB radio or something so I couldn’t clearly make out the words, only that people were conversing. It was the weirdest thing, and it was early in the morning no one was up and no computers, TV, or radio were on so it wasn’t that. I swear to God I am losing my mind. At times my hearing aids pick up another frequency as well and will emit this loud screeching sound or a beep that’s not the usual beep sound indicating a low battery. Of course this and hearing someone call me all occurred before I even had my weed for Weednesday so I know that it wasn’t a reaction from that….It’s just me being me.

Then later on I also saw these dark shadows quickly move past which I’ve seen before, in the dining room but this time around the side door and steps I wonder if they’re angels which are known for their quick movement and speed and it happens so quickly, in the blink of an eye you think you saw someone walk by but then you look again and it’s gone and there’s no one there but you know you saw something quickly flash by the corner of your eye and then you see it again,and again. I was able to float away on another frequency after the weed hit and I felt quite dizzy, light-headed,and dazed and I said to my mother, I believe I’m quite stoned right now….what day is it,anyway? and when she said Wednesday…. I realized, Yup, then that must be it. Today’s weed day. I was trying to distinguish why I felt weird, was it just the weed ( even though I didn’t remember if I’d had any that day or not) or if it might be due to some medical issue.