Family Day And A Birthday!

buffet Yesterday was Family Day and today is Buddy’s birthday. He’s 12 now and for his presents I gave him a chewy and extra meat. Yesterday we went out to eat for lunch but everyone couldn’t all agree on the same place; some wanted Chinese food and others wanted pizza so we ended up splitting up into 2 groups and some of us went to the Chinese buffet and others to Pizza Hut. I went to the buffet as well as the 14 YR old, my mother, the 23 YR old and his GF. My mother was wearing her shirt inside-out as well and was clueless; I was the only one that noticed it; seams and tag clearly visible on the outside and even when I told her she didn’t care and still never went to fix it in the bathroom. I wore my weed shirt and the 23 YR old’s GF said she likes it, unlike my hubby who always makes disparaging comments about it and refuses to be seen out in public with me if I wear it while out with him. Neither the 14 or 16 YR olds wanted to come either, or at least not with our family; I can see that but free food is free food and I’ve been looking forward to the buffet for over a week!

My mother also threatened me to stop buying so “much” weed and to stop spending or she’s going to go to the bank and cancel my credit card! Once again, she likes to hold $$$$ over people for power and control. I need that card; I’ve had one ever since I was 16 and there are many things you can only buy using a credit card, such as my weed or anything online! If she did that to me I’d be so beyond mad I don’t know what I’d do…My hubby, the 10, 14, and 16 YR olds were also being mean to Buddy (just to upset me) calling him “ugly”, saying he’s “ugly” and that they hope Buddy dies soon and when the 16 YR old walked by and saw Buddy laying in his bed resting she snarked You’re so lazy, just like your owner! meaning me. I honestly don’t know why they’re so mean or why they hate me so much. Regardless, their level of meanness and lack of empathy is really troubling to me…

Karma came back to Patti as well for the way she was during my visit: she said the meat I brought over for Buddy that made him barf the one day and that he refused the next but that her dog loved and gobbled up so when I left I left it behind for her since she liked it and so not to waste food…..well….Patti sent me a FB message bitching how my meat made her sick….she’s barfed and done a diarrhrea all over Patti’s newly-washed bedsheets on her bed. All I can do is laugh and say to myself: ha, ha! serves you right! It’s extra mild out today and tomorrow as well: 14 C but lots of rain and now pretty much all of the snow has all melted away now. I’m also really dizzy, off-balance, and staggering around the past few days,too, even on the days I DON’T have any weed, so it’s not that; it’s whatever medical issues are plaguing me. I’ve had this constant cough for months too, even worse during the night, and now for the past few days it’s been worse as well. Shit. I’m falling apart. Physically and emotionally.Literally.